The December 9 And The Political Hurricane In Cross River

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In view of the recent development in Cross River State after a dramatic legal restitution by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National lawyer representing the party at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, September 27, 2016, it was reportedly heard that some individuals in the name of Nigeria Youth Council (NYC) Cross River State chapter, made an announcement through a local radio station “HITFM” that the youth asked for a sympathy solidarity rally in protest against any decision that will or  may make part of the judicial pronouncement and or Judgment against the incumbent governor of the state, Sen. Ben Bengioushuye  Ayade.

I was burdened and worried on hearing and reading some of the articles and analysis by same group. This is because I cannot exactly know the very reason behind this or otherwise an act of sycophancy? Cross River State as we are, our nick name is peace loving state, law abiding to National and Global conflict resolutions decision. We conceded defeat and hold no grudges against any one. The expectation of the Supreme Court is to remain unbiased, impartial and maintain the reputable status and integrity in order to justify the confidence reposed on it by the public and in line with the judicial global best practice.

This is not the first experience of the state  with an issue having a national and international focus, and it is not going to be as bad or bitter like other cases which had one time or the other thrown the state  into an economic coma and traumatically in disarrayed.

I beg to take your mind back to the ICJ ruling and the Bakassi Peninsula phenomenon; gruesome ceding and relocation of the seventy six (76) oil wells to our sister state “AKWA IBOM” by this same Supreme Court…. What do the Nigeria Youth Council did to save the situation? But this matter as far as I am concern is not an issue to panic nor generate any un-necessary threat, it is an issue of a father with two children- Jacob and Esau as my   best reference in the Bible. Let the Supreme Court come out with their judgment in any form, we will celebrate it, work on it and continue as one as usual.

After all, the mandate still remains PDP’s mandate, after all, governorship position still remain at the Northern senatorial district of the state, after all, Governor Ben Ayade and Joe Agi (SAN) are both indigenes of the state of Obudu Local Government and Yala Local Government that made the Northern Cross  River, after all Joe Agi and Governor Ben Ayade are still friends and brothers, so what are we  talking about? We cannot do otherwise but pray for God to give them soft landing. After all, this is not the first verdicts and or the adjudication of justice on this same matter, it began from the lower court to the appeal  court and now the apex court, why is this political fever instead of celebration in good faith than the planned protest rally?.

We should not demonstrate to the world the level of our ignorance and barbarism in this new era. By this reasons, Forum of South-South Youth Awareness Cross River State Chapter and Cross River Re-birth  project distinctively disassociate ourselves from any demonstration of hatred rather than love on any of our illustrious sons, for this  is nothing but a mere change of baton in a relay race or be it a storm in a tea cup.

Instead, on Friday, October 7, 2016 witnessed a mammoth crowd at the Calabar international airport welcoming the Governor of Cross River State after some days away from home in defense of the prevailing perjury case against him at the Supreme Court in Abuja. Amazingly, the expectation of his fans were not met but a prayer request was tendered.

So many unethical things took place at the scene of reception among which, was the casket carrying Joe Agi’s name on it which is too far away from the modern political show case. This is the signs of the plan protest rally against the incubated judgment of December 9, 2016.

I lack a word to describe the work of art as demonstrated by the hired crowd on that day. Some called it a dangling conscience and cowardice in nature and or a mere  ranting of an ant as the late Zik of Africa of the blessed  memory described the groaning of Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the face  of Nigeria’s  first election petition tribunal.

The irony of fate here is that, protest or no protest December 9 still stands, protest or no protest the incubated judgment of the Supreme Court shall be duly delivered, protest or no protest the Joe Agi that was carried in a casket has already resurrected to receive his supposed  mandate come December 9 2016. I thank God and President Mahammadu Buhari’s policy of change begins with me which has zero tolerance to corruption and indisciplinary measures against all odd. The ongoing sanity of Nigeria judiciary is another added advantage which will serve as a brick wall to put an end to some of our noble judges on temptation of bribery.

You will agree with me that, what Chief  Joe Agi (SAN) is  pursuing is for the best interest of a common man and a perpetual  project that will  stand the test of time and will  serve as a deterrent  against the norm  of God  Fatherism and money politics of the highest bidder.

We need change, and due process must be diligently  complied with. After all, this pursuit of Chief Agi has both legal and Biblical back up. You will confirm this in the Bible in Philippians chapter 4:8-9, which says “Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true,  whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things  are lovely,  whatsoever things are good report; if  there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on this things”. And verse 9 says, “… go ahead and the God of peace shall be with you”.

Also articles 14 (b) and 15 (2) of PDP electoral guidelines confirm it. We here forth embark on this adventure in tandem with the biblical proves and constitutional enablement, after all the love of Joe Agi (SAN) is a fundamental choice. Take it or not the fish will swallow both hook, sinker and the trait.

Eba is the Coordinator General, Cross River Rebirth Project. He wrote in from Calabar.

By Eba Gabriel Ikogor

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