Conflict: Tambuwal Sues For Massive De-radicalization Of Youths In The North

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Aside arguing that education and adequate sensitisation could help in curbing most of the unwarranted conflicts confronting northern part of Nigeria, governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has further sued for massive de-radicalization of the youths of the region.

“The conflicts in the North has now made it imperative to begin massive efforts at de-radicalisation of youths in the region”

Tambuwal, who insisted that all hands must be on deck towards achieving a sustainable peace in both the region and country at large, admonished
northern leaders at whatever level to promote education and inclusiveness in their dealings.

“Northern leaders must prioritize education and promote inclusivity in order to minimize conflicts and ensure long term development of the region”

The governor who spoke in Washington, USA at a three-day symposium organized for Governors of Northern Nigeria by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), said giving education the necessary attention will ensure easy mobilization of the populace for societal good.

“Most of the problems associated with our region today could easily have been tackled if the vast majority of our kids are educated. Without an educated and enlightened society, most of our problems will not be solved,” the Governor said.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday in Sokoto by governor Tambuwal’s spokesperson, Imam Imam, the governor called for sustained engagement of the youths on the need to have peace, harmony and respect for divergent views in the society.

“We may disagree with each other on various issues, but that does not give anyone the license to become violent and cause harm to other people.

“Closely related to that is inclusiveness. All leaders from grassroots level to the top must carry along all people in their areas of authority. Favouring one group over another breeds unnecessary tension. When a leader opens his doors, that’s when people understand his policies and that’s when they will make input in how they are governed,” Tambuwal tasked leaders.

The Northern States Governors are attending the symposium with civic leaders from the United State’s Senior Working Group on Nigeria and representatives of the Federal Government, led by the Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau.


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