Before Edo Election

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Nigeria, a nation where some elite literate being don’t know the meaning of “budget padding”, where bunch of governments bury their heads in the sand; where corruption has eaten deep the very fabric of our nation’s economy; where sleaze factor has rather become a norm even in the breast of the loyalist and nobles especially in this period of degradative dwindling distress of economic recession.

Nigeria a nation where rhetorical propaganda of political slogans become a mere speech to win people’s vote and disregarding the campaign agenda that won the hearts of the people when they (the aspirants) finally have a sit in the office (though different this time around because we’re actually getting an action of the “change” slogan NGRPresident preached about).

We’ve had it all basically, we’ve seen it all, we’ve been victims but above all, we’ve been conquerors, we’re striving and yes we bleed because we’re humans, even so we’ll bleed with our heads held high knowing we have voted the right man into office, knowing that these leaders cannot be given a clean bill of health, in the account of their ‘modus operandi’, in the account of their stewardship, as perfection is only synonymous to God.

The change of presidential power from PDP to APC is the best move the country could have asked for. Arguably, heads are rolling right now through the country because past governance and leaders didn’t impose an earlier “change” that could/would have had a lesser impact as a result of the economic recession.

Despite the obvious setbacks and topsy-turvy, it is not all doom and gloom for the country, hope, as these same people we’ve voted and still to vote into office will curtail and pull the country out of recession (APC) This is only a phase. It’ll pass.

Now, to the cornerstone of this piece (Edo State Election) I don’t need to go into all the details of what change of power from PDP to APC brought to Edo state. Suffice it to say that Edo state woke up from its dogmatic slumber. Adams Oshiomhole met a dying Edo state and revived it. Maybe not the best, clean bill of health in his tenure but he certainly delivered.

So, who best can further a legacy, further a course, be a better successor, if not a version and a better version of the person leaving office. Who is this person? I beseech you sons and daughters of Edo State, turn up in numbers come September 28, to once again hold your heads high by electing the right species into office same way we’ve done before. His name is Godwin Obaseki. Don’t term my views idiosyncratic, albeit they are plain truth.

—  Dustan wrote in from Lagos.

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