Gender Equality And State Of The Woman: The 2030 UN Agenda

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The ‘state of women’ is today a paradox of sorts where the good and the ugly compete on equal scale. While we protest physical violence against the girl child and women on the other hand the women complacently encourage other forms of violence against them. Physical violence is abominable, it is barbaric and just unacceptable to humanity and civilization. The Islamic religion I know for sure abhors violence and has placed women in a special stead in society. Women are equal to men in intellect and mental ability, while agreeably our physical ability differs. But women still face huge problems in every society worldwide.
For a long time women have been both psychologically and to a large extent physically enslaved and abused. Back in earlier centuries women and girls were simply appendages of men with little rights to speak of, and as society progressed civilization took different turns at the state of women and girls breeding different attitudes and perceptions. It is these attitudes and perceptions that actually shape our world as girls then as women. No matter what happens today and what we feel as women the underlying point is that women and girls are still very much the downtrodden but the women are not entirely blameless, the evolution of society over time have conditioned the mind of the woman to accept the abuse. And this is not about physical abuse or violence that is easily seen but psychological, mental violence that leave scars that are a whole lot more difficult to erase. Those kinds of scars that live with the victim forever.
According to the UN Women, the Step it Up initiative asks all governments to make national commitments that will close the gender equality gap- from laws and policies to national action plans and adequate investment that would scale up programs towards attainment of 2030 Agenda. The 2030 Agenda has among its targets the need to ensure that all girls (and boys) have access to quality early childhood development, care and preprimary education in preparation for primary education; end all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere; eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking, sexual and other types of exploitation. The targets also call for the elimination of all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
Laudable targets all right but from where I stand those who came up with these targets forgot that one very important target for attaining gender equality. Surely there should be a target that calls on women to put back their clothes on. All through the history of humanity women have been seen and treated as objects of sex and sexuality and the tragedy of it is that they willfully act it up. The world’s most famous designers…….. Yves saint Laurent, Ralph Laurent, Versace, Valentino, Channel et al have been men and these men while putting the clothes on the men “forget” to put any on the women. Men’s dinner wears consist of full regalia that covers them from neck to toe and this has not changed in centuries, while that of the women get scantier and scantier to point of total nudity. Sure some argue that men have nothing to flaunt but I argue that if we must go back to Stone Age and beastliness then I suggest that we all take that leap at the same time from the same level. This is what will make gender equality really meaningful. And this is a form of abuse beyond the physical. The woman’s second name is “mysterious” and that is what sets her apart from the men and the “Cait Jenners” of this world. Women need to fight back and force society to respect them, by asserting the fact that beyond being objects of “ beauty and sex” they are the epitome of morality and the pillars of society.

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