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The Mighty Glorified Christ

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From tonight, all fear is gone from you. He does not give the key of your destiny into the hands of the devil nor your enemy. The key of your success, opportunities is in the hands of Jesus, and no man can take this key out of His hand. Calamity and those evil thing will not get to you. Now you can rest and have confidence because the key is in the hand of your Saviour and Lord. I am looking at somebody there, you will get healed, well and succeed in Jesus Name.

He loves me. No darkness, enemy will overcome my life, my Saviour is the Glorified and Exalted Christ that has all power, and no power will overcome me in Jesus Name.

Point 3. The Mandate from  the Governing Christ

Revelations 1:19-20; Psalms 22:1,7-8,16,28; Isaiah 9:6-7

Jesus is the Governor over all the earth.

Thank God that Jesus did not remain on the Cross, on the 3rd day, He rose triumphantly and gloriously.

He will reign and rule, and the government of your life will be upon His shoulder.

He gave John the mandate to write on;

The things that are past, then glory that he saw of Christ – chapter 1

The things which are, the things which are happening now in the the churches – chapter 2-3

The things that will be hereafter, the future – chapters 4-22

What was the mandate? And we are to learn from John as well.

John was mandated to;

  1. Write and send – Revelations 1:11

The message of the gospel, portrait of Jesus, you can write and send in a message, text, emails, and send out to people afar as well.

  1. Write and call to first love – Revelations 2:1,4-5

Call the believers back to their first love. Write to that brother, or sister who have backslidden

  1. Write and inspire faithfulness – Revelations 2:8-10

Inspire courage, fortitude in the hearts of the people of God.

  1. Write and warn the compromisers – Revelations 2:12-14,16

Write in a definite way with a purpose of and to warn the compromisers and lead them back to the Lord.

  1. Write and expose the Seducers – Revelations 2:17-20,23
  2. Write to arouse watchfulness – Revelations 3:1-3,7-9,11

We are to get into the writing ministry.

I have a crown to wear

  1. Write and encourage the obedient – Revelations 3:11
  2. Write and stir up the lukewarm – Revelations 3:14-16,19
  3. Write and reveal the promise for overcomer – Revelations 21:5-7

It is done, your problems are solved, the door is opened, the promises are fulfilled, you are an overcomer, it is done.

He has shown us His Glorified Majesty, His Glorious Mystery and His Governing Rule.

You serve Him, He will never leave nor forsake you, from this day, you will have a new strength, and you will go through that door that is open for you today. He is alive for you today.

Ponder on this! The revelation of the Glorified Christ will bring peace, joy, assurance, confidence to the believer confessing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. But it will be fear and trembling to the unbelievers for rejecting Christ. I pray you will not reject Him, but accept Him so that you can see Him as the Glorified Saviour.


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