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‘Nigeria Already Lagging Behind In Preparations For Tokyo 2020’

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Former chairman of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) and current chairman of the Kano State Sport Commission, Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima, has revealed that, inspite of the clamouring for preparations for the 2020 Olympics to be hosted by Tokyo, Japan, to begin, the nation was already too late.

This is just as he posited that the performance of Nigeria at the just concluded Rio Olympics was below expectation, though he did note that their performance was occasioned by late or inadequate preparations and late release of funds.

“In my opinion, we went to Rio, enjoyed the carnival and came back. But, then, I disagree with those who completely put the blame on the Minister [of Youth & Sport Development] who came on board barely few months to the games,” Galadima told sport journalists during the just-concluded second National Youth Games in Ilorin, Kwara.

“As far as the preparations for the Tokyo 2020 are concerned, we are already late. We were so busy complaining about the last games that we didn’t factor in the preparation for the one coming up,” he said.

He blamed the frequency of changing sport ministers as one of the major factors affecting sport development in the country.

“Since 1999 to date, Nigeria has had no less than 14 ministers of sports. Appointing people who have nothing to do with sports as ministers is one of the challenges in the sporting sector,” he said.


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