The delegation of European Union, and the Ambassador of Switzerland to  Nigeria has expressed  concern over the recent reports of proposed execution in Lagos State of three Nigerian prisoners on 23 December 2016, authorised by the Edo State government.
The duo in an official statement issued yesterday said, it considers death penalty to be cruel, degrading and inhumane which  has failed to serve as deterrence for criminal behaviour and represents an unacceptable denial of human dignity and integrity.
They urged the state governors as well as Nigerian authorities at federal level to uphold the moratorium on death penalty.
They also stressed that Nigeria and the Gambia are the only countries in ECOWAS still executing their citizens.
“We are committed to contributing to the strengthening of the Nigerian Judicial system and the promotion of rule of law and justice for Nigerian citizens, and we look forward to further supporting Nigerian authorities in adopting appropriate legislation to improve the rights and safety of Nigerian citizens,” they said.