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Abuja Technology Village Ready In 2019 – MD



Managing director of Abuja Technology Village (TV), Ms Hauwa Yabani has disclosed that by the year 2019, all the facilities in the project site of the village would be developed and actual operations will commence.
In an interview with LEADERSHIP yesterday, Yabani also revealed that the physical infrastructure on the project site, located along the Airport Road, which is being developed by the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) is about 90 percent completed and ready for private sector participation.
“Now by 2019, I can say that it is good enough to say that we will
have all the facilities in ATV developed and we will commence actual operation within the site by then.
What I can also tell that 90 percent of the infrastructure at the project site has been developed and we thought we are ready for the participation of the private sector.”
She stated that her office has advertised available opportunities, across board through our website and through various publications in different media channels, inviting investors to come on board and see the various opportunities that are there for investment.
While, according to her, over 100 expressions of interests from various companies, and highly reputable organizations have indicated various interests, adding, “As we speak, a number of these entries have materialized significantly into tangible proposals that ATV have received.”
The managing director broke down available opportunities in the village into 11 categories, from people that may want to come and build facilities to operate their services to others that would build facilities for others to come and lease.
She continued: “The core roads have been built. The infrastructures imbedded under the roads are there. So, every private sector players that have come and gone to the site are convinced that it is time for them to invest. All the parcels of land for that cluster areas have  not only been earmarked but they have been beaconed.”





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