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“Slow Country” In Cinema Finally This Weekend



The much talked about action movie “Slow Country” is finally set to hit the cinemas this weekend. The movie which has been adjudged the most believable action movie ever made in Nollywood will be opened to all movie lovers from Friday 19th May.
Slow Country movie which highlights the issues of human and drug trafficking is produced by the award winning film maker, Eric Aghimien and will be showing in all cinemas across the country.
The movie which is set in Nigeria follows the story of Kome, a homeless teenage mother, who in a bid to cater and secure a good life for her son Peter sought refuge in the arms of a drug kingpin Tuvi. The kingpin ushers her into the world of prostitution and drug trafficking. However, when faced with a serious dilemma and the sudden return of her ex-boyfriend Osas who desperately wants to win her heart, having abandoned her for 7 years, she gets fed up and attempts to break free. She pleads with her boss to let her quit the underworld but he is not ready to let go of his most trusted cash cow.
The action movie stars amazing and talented actors like: Ivie Okujaiye-Egboh who played the role of Kome, Samasa Nzeribe who played Tuvi, the drug kingpin, Tope Tedela as Osas, and Majid Michel as Inspector Dave. Others are Richard Brutus as Brasko, Gina Castel as Ola, Adebayo Thomas as Peter, Victor Eriabie, Imoudu ‘DJ Moe’ Ayonete, and Shola Thompson-Adewale.
When asked about the movie, the producer and director, Eric Aghimien stated “Crafting a great action film in Nigeria is no child’s play. Every character in the movie was carefully built and the each of the cast member portrayed their characters well. We paid attention to details every step of the way; in performance, in choreography, in visual effect, in special effect, everything. This movie is a must watch for all and I promise it will not only be worth their time but also their money”
Slow Country is intriguing.