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Yemisi Suswam: A Great Woman Of Valour



By aaron mike odeh
When I think of  women of valour,  names of  many global women of repute easily comes to my mind. A perfect example of such women around us is Her Excellency Architect Yemisi Suswam, the former first lady of Benue State. Indeed she is  someone who not only speaks, but also acts with  just intent. Someone who is able to maintain and care for the need of others more than her own needs, and is commited to improving the world around her.   Apart from what the holy book says about valour,I see a woman of valour as  that woman who not only speaks acts or exhibits beauty, fame, wealth, connections and educational qualifications but, a woman with a heart of gold. A compassionate woman, a woman of dignity, excellence, God fearing, virtuous and dogged. I am talking about a woman that can be compare to the world top most women that had in all ramifications affects the world around them positively. I mean, women like; Mother Theresa, Hillary Clinton, Helen Johnson Sirleaf, Theresa May, Benita Bhutto, Queen Elizabeth of England etc.
Without mincing words, Yemisi Suswam can be likening to any of these women mentioned above. Yemisi is kind, a God fearing woman, generous, pretty, hardworking, and humble to a fault and above all blessed by God almighty with a lot of earth shaking visions which she has been using decades ago to transforms the lives of the less privilege around her. As I ponder to write more on this great woman of valour, this lines by ERIC S. KINGSTON comes to mind..
A woman of valour makes the world change
Her strength is the content that guides through the days
Defined by her actions that bring light to all dreams
Valor is something that’s defined by her deeds.
Her valour is golden, sparkled and gray
She stands up to the challenge no matter the way
It can’t be held back or defined by her age
Yes, a woman of valour makes the world change.
For valour’s not held by the young or the old
But by the deeds of the heart that give and unfold
It’s merit and honour that hold no disguise
Like the creation of being in the blessed Holy One’s eyes.
For valour is the colour of the song of her soul
As she changes, creates and turns light into gold
Divine is Her Presence, be it joyous or sad
— A Woman of Valour —
May offer little, but it will be all that she has.
For only her heart will know the depths of her soul
That nurtures and blossom and forever unfolds
And holds in its essence new life and new gain
A woman of valour makes the world change
A woman of valour makes the world change
A woman of valour makes the world change.
“Be as courageous as Esther, whose faith and bravery whereas pleasing to God as that of Moses or King David.”
Indeed, Yemisi Suswam, the wife of the award winning, humble, kind, and generous and God fearing former Governor of Benue State, His Excellency Gabriel Suswam Phd, personifies such attributes as posited by Eric S. Kingston in his poetic lines. Yemisi values and love for humanity is immeasurable. The best way to describe her love for society around her can only be compared to the agape love that Jesus Christ preached about. Yemisi is a world changer that can go to any length to put smiles on the faces of people. A very hardworking, calculative woman with a hearth of gold. She showed a bit of what she is made of when her heart throb of decades, His Excellency Dr Gabriel Suswam was held by the DSS for discussion. Yemisi as a woman of valour, held strongly unto God in prayers and  fasting with faith in Jesus. God intervened shortly after and her lovely and generous husband was released after 71 days. When many thought she will be crushed, Yemisi as a strong woman of faith, comported herself and by God’s grace ultimately frustrated the evil plots against her husband.
Moreover, when the news of her husband’s release broke, she handled the mischief of some detractors with calm, simplicity and equanimity to the admiration of many around her. She is so simple that a stranger in her house may mistake her for a domestic staff. She is blessed with such a good body that you hardly know she has hit 50.. Honestly, Yemisi is really a great woman blessed by God in all front.
What more can I write about her than to call on her dear husband, His Excellency Gabriel Suswam PhD to respect, love and adore her like the virtuous, pretty and hardworking queen that she is. I will be eager to hear that the love between you and her has gone beyond the most worldwide celebrated love between the Romeo and Juliet. Her Excellency Architect Yemisi Suswam. Remain blessed ma!

– Odeh wrote in from Abuja





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