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“Those Doubting PMB’s Recovery Are Enemies of Nigeria”



Chief Richard Perekeme Kpodoh, a one-time Security Adviser to the Bayelsa State Government, has described as “enemies of Nigeria” those alleged to be castigating evidences of gradual recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari in London Hospital and wishing him dead, saying PMB’s mission to change Nigeria will be accomplished despite health challenges.

Chief Kpodoh, said though the opposition parties have the political right to inquire about PMB state of health as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the various attempts by some opposition Governors and politicians to rubbish PMB over his ill health and wish him dead is wicked, ungodly and a deliberate display of hatered for the Nigerian Nation.

Chief Richard Perekeme Kpodoh, who is also a Chieftain  of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Bayelsa State, while reacting yesterday to the controversy triggered by some opposition leaders over the reported Lunch PMB had with APC Governors in London, said the doubt expressed by the opposition Governors are misplaced and wicked.

According to Kpodoh,”that person involved in distractions over PMB health does not love Nigeria. For us, the progressives, Buhari will not die because God sent him to be President for a mission to deliver the masses from the clutches of the oppressed and corrupt politicians. A lot of these people involved in casting doubt over the gradual recovery of the President are corrupt and are angry that PMB is recovering in line with the prayers of true Nigerians.”

“The rot being witnessed in the polity was not the doing of the PMB administration but that of the PDP and Jonathan. In the last few years, the PMB administration has improved the foreign account savings which was depleted under past administration. The Naira is gradually recovering against the Dollar.  The people have discovered that the PDP administration looted the country to a fault. Buhari administration has stabilized the currency and gradually the oil boom is returning and economy is back on track.”

“We are of the belief that nobody can kill PMB because he was choosing by God and the prayers of true Nigerians are covering him. These people wishing him dead are not God. God will protect him to complete his assignment.”

On the issue of rising unemployment in the Niger Delta, Chief Richard Kpodoh called on the Federal Government to activate massive industrial efforts in the region with the commencement of the Brass LNG, the Brass Fertilizer Company and the Deep sea ports in Agge and Koluama in Southern Ijaw Area of Bayel;sa State.

Kpodoh noted that with commencement of activities by the proposed industrial giants, ‘the unemployment issues that lead to restiveness will be a thing of the past. Over two million youths from the nine states of the Niger Delta will be gainfully employed.”



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