Presiding Bishop of The Redeemed Evangelical Missing (TREM) Dr. Mike Okonkwo has said that members of the National Assembly who are opposed to restructuring of Nigeria’s political system are enemies of the nation.

He also said that church leaders should guide their subjects right by instructing them against joining successionist agitation   ‎in any part of the country.

Okonkwo stated this in Abuja during the grand finale of the 5th Leading Edge Conference.

“‎Anyone who refuse restructuring is an enemy of Nigeria,” he said.

He explained the mounting agitation from restructuring in every part of the country ‎suggests that it is long overdue.

“When a season for something is due, nobody can hold it back, I believe with all my heart that if Nigeria is restructured it will be better for us, it will bring real competition, healthy competition that will lead to development,” he said.

According to Okonkwo, the major reason behind agitation for succession by Biafra is restructuring, but said all the issues and apprehensions can be resolved with dialogue.

“When they say no to restructuring, there will be violence, and those who are calling for war don’t understand it. We are talking to our people not to join those who are agitating for war, all the issues can be resolved on a round table,” he added.