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Hassan Omale: Metaphor For Selfless Service




As a consummate and highly experienced political leader with a deep commitment and unrivalled passion for grassroots development, Hon. Hassan Omale, representing Ankpa/Omala/Olamaboro federal constituency of Kogi State always stands out among other statesmen of his caliber. This is because he has never allowed the trappings and grandeur of office to stand between him and his avowed goals of lifting up his people from the shackles of poverty, hunger, disease, homelessness and mass unemployment.

Driven by an almost missionary zeal in ensuring total political, economic and social liberation of his beloved people, Omale has constantly seen his primary vocation in the political arena as being one of service, duty, benevolence and charity towards his constituents. In this regard, he has abided by his campaign promises of using elective office to improve the lot of his people, contrary to the widespread notion that political office holders are fund of feathering their nest, irrespective of the economic fortunes of the electorate that voted for them in the first place.

As many constituents, friends, acquaintances or colleagues would attest to, Omale is one political maestro who can be taken literally for his words. His words, as the proverbial saying goes, can be taken to the bank. The political supremo from the confluence state is not known for careless talk or aimless chatter as is common with some in the political class but once he speaks, the federal resonates with clear authority, clarity, brevity and matchless lucidity.

His statements on policy issues and critical matters of the day are clad with iron cast vision and purpose and geared towards illuminating, dissecting and resolving complex and contentious issues of national, regional and international implications.

In the area of employment, the forward looking and dynamic Honourable Member has taken the proverbial bull by the horns in facilitating the employment of numerous graduates in various government establishments all over the state as Hon. Hassan Omalecites unemployment as another factor fueling crime and other forms of anti-social activities in the State.

An astute parliamentarian, Hon. Omale has been of high moral standing, very vibrant and productive on the floor of the House all through this legislative dispensation. He has contributed substantially on national issues on the floor of the House. He has indeed positioned himself through sheer determination and confidence in the Green Chamber where he argues the cause of his people and thereby renders dividends, of democracy to his constituency.

Some of the constituency projects and interventions embarked upon by the compassionate legislator includes the provision of the constituency projects proposed in the 2017 budget estimates. Omale has made his mark as a force for stability and order in the House and his mature counsel, timely and sincere advice, intellectual vigour and firepower as well as his unshakable integrity and honour has brought him in good stead with the leadership and membership of the National Assembly.

In fact, Omale can be best regarded as a facilitator, arbitrator, arbiter, negotiator, conciliator, administrator and political plenipotentiary par excellence in the present democratic continuum. Little wonder that with his experience, dynamism, resourcefulness, competence, patriotism and commitment to excellence, he is best placed to represent Ankpa/Omala Olamaboro federal constituency in the 8th House of Representatives and beyond.



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