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How Technology Has Advanced Entertainment In Nigeria



Entertainment in Nigeria before now, was not for everybody but professionals who knew the rudiments of what the trade entails. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM pictures the contribution technological advancement on the multi-billion dollar industry.

In the days of old, artistes were considered traders and marketers because after going to the studios to record their songs, they found it difficult to also market the said songs because of the challenges they faced in the distribution process.

Many of them go round the streets just to sell their CDs, making it difficult to meet the needed targeted audience.

People like The Remedies, Plantation Boiz, Raskimono, Majek Fashek, Oritz Wiliki, King Waleman and many more didn’t have the luxury of the distribution process young artistes are enjoying today.

There were no social media to keep up with their fans, no Twitter, instagram, Facebook, and many more that people enjoy today. They had to meet or travel several miles to meet one on one with their fans. The challenges were enormous. But today, the story has changed for the better and Nigerian entertainers and the Entertainment industry are now connected to the world.

The entertainment industry has come a long way from what it used to be, when music and movie making was difficult, with bad picture quality, funny sounds, means of publicity being only television, radio while also remembering those guys who sold cassettes along the road with the music blaring, VCRs and cassettes and buses driving around, advertising movies with speakers blaring. Who can forget the fast paced voice of the advertiser on television telling you to grab your copy now!

Technology has helped in many ways than one, it has helped create a multifaceted and profound entertainment industry. We have more talents, more creative ways in passing across the messages and correcting certain ills in our society through songs and movies. Let’s not forget comedy shows that help us relieve the stress of the day with beautiful picture quality, including better make up and camera qualities that turn the models and actresses into mini goddesses, better directing, wonderful medium of selecting talents, good syncing of beats through various applications and equipment and sound management, better lighting during shooting and graphics that could turn any ugly scene to an out of this world scene. A large decree of creativity is infused in the production that is depicted in the concept, fashion, plot and lyrics. A fusion of all these keeps the listener and viewer glued, thus increasing the potential of the successes of that work of art.

The movie industry has gone beyond the sky heights, we now create movies that can win awards. The industry is becoming formidable in the world, with the infusion of newer talents, foreign talents, shooting outside the country, we are moving across the world and widening our horizons thus earning us international recognition. Our comedy shows are held in the diaspora and remember those who can’t afford to go to these shows are given the opportunity to watch these shows online, thanks to technology.

Publicity has gone past the seller of dvds, there are so many sites that allow the audience to watch musical videos and movies, comedy shows as soon as they are out. Through social media sites, the audience know about the impending songs, movies in the offing before they are even released, talents now go online to post their lyrics, funny videos or dancing styles freely gather followers, a subtle way to stardom. As a consequence of the advent of competitions like The Voice, Project fame, West African Idol, Nigerian Idol etc, talents are discovered and provide the opportunity to showcase what they have got and support them on the long ladder to success and stardom.

Telecommunications organisations and other organisations pick distinguished artistes as ambassadors of their organisations, publicise themselves and their products and give the audience thrilling sessions, either through comedy shows or music shows. Through various services which they proffer, their customers get to watch and listen to songs when they subscribe to these services. Without technology, this would not be possible.

Technology has made publicity huge, through social media and sites online where adverts are placed, most especially when new releases are imminent. Sites such as Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube avail new talents the means to share their talent with the world and get ratings that enable them become better. Through the internet, news go viral with the speed of light. The use of well-designed bills, electronic billboards that use the allure of colour and motion to advertise a show grabs the attention of the passer-by. Let’s not forget the cinemas where there are reports of upcoming movies and this keeps the audience attentive for the days when it would be released and through technology, information gets to a wide spectrum of audience since the reach of the internet is vast using its various platforms.

Artistes relate with their fans through various social media platforms, intimating them on recent events in their lives including new releases or shows or upcoming movies where they are being starred. Now, you can watch music videos of your favourite artistes online whenever you want or any favourite TV series such asJenifa’s diary and other soap operas, and download into your devices for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Most people are of the view that technology is wrecking the entertainment industry as people no longer go to buy CDs but download the movies and songs online, but the fact remains that technology facilitates growth and thus its impact also being felt in the entertainment industry, has put everything right at our fingertips.