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Insecurity: Church’s Role To Bringing Sanity into The System



By Chinelo Chikelu

Following security ethnic tensions in the country arising from hate speeches and violence in the country, the Cherubim and Seraphim Movement Church (CSMC) says the role of ‘Christianity’ is to ensure sanity in the nation.

Speaking at the 2017 Joy Youth Camp, in the FCT, Evangelist Peter Oshinloye, notes that the descent of security in the country is a failure of security in churches and homes.

The church and security, he says, reflect an integral part of a security, but the lack of mentorship, a focus on individualism rather than a sense of community by leaders, has bred distrust among the people.

Oshinloye, blames the system’s rewarding and promotion of ‘the corrupt’ as a sole example for youths, an inducement to get-rich-at-all-cost attitude, even at the cost of breaching security.

However, in present times, while insecurity threatens, the church to boost state’s protection of its citizens, educates its congregation to be self-conscious and alert, by avoiding situations and actions that expose them to danger.

Referencing the CSMC’s devotion to youth development as part of its effort to building Godly character in young people, Camp Commandant, Apostle Tolulope Sonaike, affirms the purpose of the camp is to intellectually and mentally empower youths early on in their lives, in order to change their thinking and attitude.

Over 500 teenagers aged 14 to 17, from Lagos and Abuja, at the camp were trained in some entrepreneurial skills, from soap-making, bee-keeping to baking. The training was a deliberate move to improve their minds and equip them with the tools to fish.

“Skills enable them reach a certain point whereby their subsistence and self-sufficiency is in their hands,” Sonaike explained.

Participants, Kehinde Boluwatife and Otito Laurel Oluwafemi, attest that besides spiritual nourishment, the experience not only taught the benefits of team work, but cured their timidity, while guiding their future via direct and indirect mentorship.



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