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NASS Won’t Legislate Businesses Out Of Existence – Lawmaker




The Chairman House Committee on Information in the House of Representatives, Hon. Odebunmi Olusegun Dokun has said the National Assembly is more committed to making make sure that they enact and pass bills that will make the country a destination for foreign direct investment.

Odebunmi who stated this at a programme organized by Initiative for Public Policy Analysis on the theme: ‘Moving from Regulation to Policy-Action: The Challenge’ held in Lagos, said the National Assembly will not legislate any business out of existence to avert job losses.

The Odebunmi at a programme that had arrays of experts from diverse sectors of the nation’s economy added that the National Assembly also expects all foreign businesses operating in Nigeria to have a level playing field and be able to conduct their businesses unhindered.

Represented by his Special Adviser Al-maroof Yinka Ajibolu said, “We are also determined to encourage and sustain local production of our consumables in order to boost the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and ultimately provide employment opportunities for our army of unemployed Nigerians.

“One of the things which the national assembly is committed to is that the value chain of each sector is sustained to avoid unwarranted job losses.

“The present administration has addressed the recession by clearly emphasizing that we as government and the people of Nigeria must diversify our economy away from the over-reliance on oil and gas which has been subjected to uncertainties in the international oil market.”

Odebunmi pointed out that the private sector can only create additional jobs if there is enabling environment for their businesses to flourish.

“This includes enactment of laws that are clear and unambiguous. The national assembly therefore will not legislate any business out of existence in Nigeria as long as such a business entity conforms to all laws duly enacted by the National Assembly,” he said.

The Lawmaker noted that while National Assembly appreciates the contribution of foreign entities doing businesses in Nigeria they will not allow any foreign business entity operating in our shore to oppress or exploit Nigerians through the services they provide.




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