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Our Hands Contains Approximately 5,000 Germs Any Given Time- Research



As the United Nations Children Fund  (UNICEF) continues to spread the hand washing message around Kaduna communities and schools as part of activities marking the global hand washing day for the year 2017,  it has been disclosed from research that there are approximately 5000 germs on the hands at any given time.

This was disclosed in the remarks of the Water and Sanitation Hygein (WASH) Specialist with UNICEF at one of the hand washing awareness campaign in LEA primary school kasuwan magani in Kajuru local government area of Kaduna State.

According to her,  this years theme : Our hands,  our future” is basically to stressed the importance of proper hand washing to guarantee a safe future.
She emphasized that effective handwashing can reduce the transmission of faeco-oral diseases by 47% while the use of sanitary latrine can reduce transmission by about 50%.

“Research conducted by Centres for Disease Control, Atlanta,  USA have shown that  there are approximately 5,000 germs on the human hands at any point in time”.
She therefore, called on everyone to join hands in the global campaign for 2017 titled “Our Hands, Our Future” to promote effective handwashing to become a routine practice for each one because it is a long immunization against faeco-oral diseases.
“In Kaduna State, about 200 primary Schools and Health facilities are celebrating this event in support of the global call and will make it a routine practice.
“We need to wash our hands after using the toilet and after changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet before handing or eating food and after caring for someone who is sick or handling animals or their waste because sometimes we assume that our hands are clean.” Mrs. Pamma added..
In a similar hand washing sensitization and demonstration held for family members of the UNICEF staff at the Kaduna UNICEF office, the officer in charge,  Dr Idris Baba reiterated the need for effective hand washing now and always.
He said it was important to generate momentum on the hand washing even from the family members. He urged their children and family members to spread the message of hand washing to all and sundry.