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We Are Bringing Kwese TV Into Homes Of Nigerians



The General Manager of Kwese TV Nigeria, Elizabeth Amkpa spoke to CHIMA AKWAJA and TAIWO OGUNMOLA during a courtesy visit by her management team to LEADERSHIP Newspaper office. She talks on the plans to hit the ground running, the company’s unique approach to the market and why it is here for the long term.  

Nigerians are interested in knowing why Kwese TV decided to launch into this market and what you are bring to the table?

Kwese is the newest kid on the block redefining television (TV) in Africa. We are part of the Econet Media stable which and we aim to change the face of African broadcasting. Premised on the concept of TV everywhere and anywhere, Kwese is revolutionizing the media industry in Africa by catering to the changing needs of today’s globally connected Africa viewer.

Last month we entered into the Nigerian market with Kwese TV, bring the very best in premium in entertainment, international and African series and movies, award winning children’s entertainment channels, up-to-the-minute news and a diverse mix of exclusive channels for the entire family to enjoy. We are excited to launch our dynamic content business in Nigeria, a market that we know is hungry for a compelling alternative pay TV network.

At Kwese we pride ourselves in having selected a strong general entertainment and sports programming line-up which we believe will be well received by viewers of all ages-kids, young adults, men and women alike. Our business is premised on the concept of TV anywhere and everywhere. This means we have made our premium content easily accessible across a number of platforms namely linear TV, mobile and digital platforms, providing unlimited viewing options for our subscribers.

Kwese is at the forefront of innovation through pioneering ground-breaking payment options that offer flexibility and convenience in the industry. With Kwese, content is not only accessible through our multi-platform service but also through a revolutionary payment model. We have pioneered ‘pay-as-you-watch’ and we are here to give you a closer picture to the new pay TV that has just come weeks ago and that is Kwese TV.

For us you will ask why you are coming when there is a lot competition but we are here with a lot of difference. We have got flexible payment option that is, you can pay for three days at N990, or seven days at N1,850 or the full package which is N6, 275 monthly. Let me say this that regardless to your subscription duration, you get access to all 65 exciting channels which is first of its choice.

The consumer will enjoy one month free subscription for 30 days. We pride ourselves to say we have got our own Kwese channels and we are sharing some channels like CNN, Cartoon Network and as never being known in the industry, we are sharing this with Multichoice currently and we have got a lot of news channels including kiddies’ Channels and more. This is actually exciting even for me at my age. On expiration of subscription, we have five free-to-air channels, so the Kwese Free Sports is among the five.

How have you addressed your distribution channels to meet your customer expectations nationwide?

Even before our launch, for the last six months we have spent time looking at the distribution channels and currently we have 25 mega dealers exclusively for Kwese. Then, we have got over 2,000 super dealers and installers, over 3,000 of them where we trained and they all have offices. Apart from that we are into partnership with Mobile Network Operators and we are still in the process of signing contracts with them. They will all carry the product in all their branches. We are still talking with others who have huge distribution. You can buy the decoder anywhere in the country or on website and it will be delivered to you and an installer will come around to do it.

Nigerians have witnessed some pay TV companies that came and disappeared. How are you different and are you here for the long haul?

Though, anyone will be scared, saying is it one of those ones that will leave market in no time. When you look at our products and services, you will see that we took time in terms of the content. We won’t tell you that we will go for content that will take us out from the business. We intend to keep developing and also get involved in what the consumer really want. We can see ourselves 20 years still in the business from now and there are lots of investments happening. Before the end of December will be launching IPTV.

How do you want to convince your consumers to migrate from competition to Kwese TV?

When people watch the content and see the delivery, picture quality and everything they will spread the gospel more than what we can do. We ride on that to keep delivering. We have a group of people that are saddled with the responsibility of installation. We have adopted an Uber style in installing our decorder, you will get a text message to know when the person is coming and also see the picture of the person if you have a smart phone. We are not here alone to make money but to go into homes.

By going into homes, you are saying you want every Nigerian to have Kwese TV?

By going into homes is to make people to feel us from the content they get to watch and we are taking this into consideration. People will be the one to spread the news to their neighbour when they watch it.

Nigerians loves their movies and local content. Have you included this and how?

We have the Africa Movie Channels and we got the Kwese Movie that shows the Nollywood which Nigerians love to watch and for that also we keep developing and having Kwese locally here, we continue to buy local contents. We are on satellite. A lot of those disruptions are caused by poor installation and that is why any man on the street who is an electrician cannot have access to our installation because it has been fenced around. This is very deliberate because when you have a problem we what to see that we have done everything possible to solve it. We will partner with government on that.

Will you bring down the subscription price as time goes on and what should Nigerians expect?

We came up with flexible payment and our subscription is pocket friendly. If paying for a month is a big stretch we say pay for a week or three days. We are coming up with different things and Kwese is TV anywhere and everywhere and we will keep improving on that.



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