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PMB Should Focus On Power Sector – Agbonayinma



In this interview, Hon. Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma affirmed that, President Muhammadu Buhari has done well in the fight against corruption; terrorism and revamping of the economy. He also advised that, PMB should focus on the power sector to help sustain the achievements so far recorded. Agnonatinma spoke to Jonathan Nda-Isaiah on other sundry issues.

For commending PMB, some aggrieved PDP members wanted immediate sanction on Ebonyi and Abia state governors, what is your take?

Well, I am not holding brief for anybody, when someone is doing well I think we owe it to God and ourselves to say it the way it is.

Yes if there is any area that the governors have found President Buhari worthy of emulation and pour praises to him regarding his performance, I think that is a right step in the right direction.

At least, we should appreciate somebody and should be able to commend anybody who deserves it and criticize whosoever that is going astray. We should be able to call that person to order. That is the way life should be. No bitterness against anybody.

So, in terms of fighting corruption in Nigeria you can`t take it away from President Buhari, going by the way he has fought corruption, the fear of the unknown has being there, now people are afraid when you mention corruption because they don`t know what will happen

Before, it was like free for all, I think we are getting it right even though we are not where we should be yet. However, that does not take away the fact that if Mr. President has done well he should not be applauded. If the government of the south east particularly, Ebonyi and Abia are saying something good about what President Buhari have done, well, we owe it a duty to let the public know.

Do you agree with former President Obasanjo when he said that PDP is in coma?

As one of the founding fathers of PDP, I think he knows better. If Obasanjo is saying PDP is in comatose, then it could be linked to why the governors of Ebonyi and Abia state are clamoring for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Well that is their position, they are not the only one that have commended President Buhari, a lot of people are also saying Buahri has the right to contest in 2019 if he so wishes.

Let’s not make that an issue for now but sincerely quoting former President Obasanjo whether PDP is in state of comatose or APC is wobbling is best known to him. The way we play politics in Nigeria is not the way it should be, we are playing it upside down.

How do you mean that we are playing politics upside down?

Yes, we should be able to play politics that is propelled on the driving force of having positively impact on Nigerians.  Nigerians should feel the gain of democracy that is why they say democracy is for the people by the people and of the people and they should be part of the system from the local to the state and federal government.

Nigerians should be part of the government. Once they are able to vote on their conscience for the candidate of their choice, they should be governed by fairness.

At least, casting their votes alone was part of their contribution for the development of this great nation because they are important and if you think that whenever you need their votes that is when you remember them, and then we are in for a very big trouble.

As at today, we should remember that Nigerians are suffering.  There is pain, agony and poverty has choked everywhere especially the youths.  There is massive unemployment in Nigeria and if you don`t engage the youths, expectedly, the youths will engage the political class.

So we should try to engage the youths immediately they graduate  from the university, but the reverse is always the case hence they are left jobless and when they apply for job the government and the private sector start using working  experience as a criteria. How will they get experience when there is no chance for them? The youths have the right to enjoy the labours of our hero`s past and what God has given to Nigeria.

Nigerians blamed 2017 budget failure on PMB. What is your take on that? 

Well, I disagree that we should put the whole blame on him. Don’t forget, at a point PMB went for medical vacation and those expected to do the needful failed. But he would as well be blamed as the head.

However, while he was away, we have acting president and other ministers, directors, permanent secretaries but little or nothing was achieved.

Thank God PMB is back hale and hearty and should now concentrate on the business of making Nigeria great.

But we should commend his effort in the fight against Boko Haram . So we have to appreciate those who have helped in the fight against insurgency, the military, Police, DSS, Navy, Airforce, Civil Defense and good Nigerians because every Nigerian should be responsible and accountable to the wellbeing of our country.


Your advice for PMB

Yes PMB need to work on infrastructural development and Buhari.  If we have constant electricity supply in this country business will strive, today companies in Nigeria are relocating to our neighbouring African countries because of power failure.

We can`t continues to dwell in darkness and expect to be seen as the giant of Africa, we can`t lead Africa while we are in darkness.

We have what it takes to be great. Look at Dubai, Dubai was a complete desert some twenty years ago, but today, Dubai is where every Nigerian goes to buy goods and property.

The people of Dubai stood on their feet and made Dubai what it is today by engaging the United states to help them develop their country by bringing almost 30 billion US Dollars at a time, US  in collaboration with other countries went into Dubai and transformed Dubai.

Today Dubai is the center of attraction to all. Nigerians can do the same. Let us engage those that have been practicing democracy to help us develop our country.

We do not need to be ashamed. What we cannot do if we see someone else that can do it much better than us there is nothing wrong in approaching the person to come tom our aid. Nigeria needs to be better.



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