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2019: Youths Urged To Contest For Important Positions



Leadership Nigeria News Today

By Ejike Ejike, Abuja

A civil society organisation under the auspices of National Liberation Forum has called on youths in Nigeria to take advantage of the 2019 general election to contest for important positions in the country.

The chairman of the forum, Engr. Hassan Abdullahi, gave this advise during the inauguration ceremony of elected interim officials that will oversee the affairs of the organisation in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

Abdullahi, who was inaugurated as the chairman of the organisation, charged the youth to take their destiny in their hands and not allowing it to be designed by old politicians who do not have the interest of the youths at heart.

He lamented that the youths have allowed themselves to be used and dumped by selfish prehistoric politicians who always neglect them in leadership positions.

“It is painful to see that the youth of today are the ones been used by politicians during elections to perpetrate different negative vices, after the politicians win their elections, they will abandon the same youth that gave them victory during the election. That is wrong and it has to stop now.

“If you look at the security challenges we are facing today in Nigeria, most of them are as a result of political neglect melted on the youths by the same old politicians who are supposed to be resting, because they gave arms to the youth to help them win elections and after they won, they will forget the people that carried arms for them.

“That is why we are using this forum to sensitize the youths all over Nigeria, that the time has come for them to take their destiny in their hands and secure their future of their children. We always hear that the youths are leaders of tomorrow, but we cannot be leaders of tomorrow, if we sit down and keep on supporting the old politicians to lead us.

“The old politicians have tried, we appreciate the effort they have put in governance, but it time for them to step aside and allow the youths to take over the government of Nigeria come 2019. We are ready for governance and we must begin to start taking over from more,” he said.

Abdullahi further disclosed that in a bid to ensure that the youths are fully sensitized, the organization has taken her campaign to over 30 states of the federation, encouraging youths not to involve in any negative vices during elections, but to come out and contest for different important positions.