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Turning To My Time Zone 5 – Dealing With Stress



By Pastor James Abuh

Stress is a condition that individual experiences when they face important opportunities or threats and are uncertain about their ability to handle or deal with them efficiently. It is a state where an individual is over worked. It can be especially damaging when it lasts for a long time. Although reactions to stress differ across individuals, one way to understand the effect that incessant stress can have on people is by considering the physiological, psychological and behavioral consequence of stress. It can become a silence killer, where not properly handled.


This range from mild to severe, sleep disturbance, sweaty palms, feeling flushed, headaches, stomachaches etc. Some physical reactions to stress are; high blood pressure, heart attacks, and impaired functioning of immune system. The relationship between level of stress and these physiological consequences is complicated. Some people tend to experience more of these physiological consequences than the others and different people experience different kinds of consequences.


Some of the psychological consequence of stress includes: being in a bad mood, feeling nervous, angry, bitter and hostile. When carried over to work place, it can negatively affect job satisfaction and organizational commitment.


While certain stress can bear negative consequences on expected output, others do not necessarily impair job performance and in some cases actually enhances it. Just as the stress you experience before exam energies you to study or the stress experienced trying to meet a tight deadline pushes one to make more efficient use of time, facing an important opportunity to increase sales often propel a marketer to develop innovative marketing campaign that appeal to different segments of customer base.


ROLE CONFLICT: this occurs when there is conflict or friction between expected behaviors or friction that occurs when expected behaviors are at odds with each other.

ROLE OVERLOAD: this occurs when one is overcrowded with too many responsibilities and activities to perform.


People manage or deal with stress in two basic ways: problem focused coping and emotional focused coping.

PROBLEM- FOCUSED COPING. This refers to the action people take on dealing directly with the problem. One of the most important ways out is to identify which one could be delegated or put off and estimating how long it will take to accomplish task and dividing ones day accordingly.

GETTING HELP FROM A MENTOR: seeking the advice and guidance of a mentor can be an effective problem focused strategy. A mentor who must have faced similar challenge in the past could be in a better position to comment on which are especially effective or ineffective way of dealing with it.

EMOTIONAL FOCUSED COPING: physical exercise is the most effective way of dealing with stressful feelings and emotions. Regular exercise also can improve cardiovascular functioning and contribute to general sense of wellbeing and relaxation  MEDITATION : temporary putting everyday care aside by being in a quiet environment and focusing on some soothing mental and visual images or verbal phrase also can be an effective means of emotional focus coping.


This is the ability to understand and manage one’s own moods and emotions and the moods and emotions of other people. People with high level of emotional intelligence are more likely to understand how they are felling and why, and are more able to effectively manage their feelings. By way of conclusion, life is patterned to answer to control, by this you are either in control or something else is controlling you. Like fire, stress can be a bad master when allowed to control one’s life, but a good servant when bring under control. Learn to control that stress today.

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