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Abe To Rivers People: Lets’s Renew Out Faith In God




Senator representing Rivers South-East district in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has advised the people of Rivers State to renew their faith in God, as the God that did miracles in his political life is still operating in the state.

Abe, who disclosed this while speaking at an Evening of Carols in Port Harcourt, further urged them to be determined and focused in what they believe in because God’s miracles will continue to work miracles as far as there are men and women who believe.

He said, “So there is nothing new about what we are seeing today. The only thing that we need to renew is our is faith. Nobody should convince you that what you believe will not happen. It will definitely happen.

“I always tell people that there are people who would come and tell you seeing is believing. But I always tell everybody that believing is seeing, because you must first believe the things you want to see, and then it would manifest and you would see it.

“So today, now that we all believe that indeed, Christ had been born, now that we have gathered to celebrate the birth of Christ, let us know that the same God that made that miracle possible is still the same God that is operating in Rivers State today. The time for miracles is not over. God will continue to work miracles as long as there are men and women who believe.

“So don’t be worried by anything you hear, I hear quite a lot. Don’t also be worried by anything you see; I see quite a lot. Be confident that you are on the right path, and be ready to fight for what you believe in. There is nothing that you get in this world without effort. And if you are determined and you know that you are on the right course, you don’t need to fight too hard. Push a little, and God will push down every barrier.

“You know, when I had some challenges, I called some people and I said no, this time is Kairos time. You know what Kairos means? Kairos is a time when all natural laws are suspended so that God would do what he wants to do. It’s the time of the supernatural. And this is Kairos time.

“You know, there are some people who would prophesy and they don’t believe in their own prophecy. There are some people who would preach, they don’t believe in what they have preached. There are some people who would tell you to have faith but they themselves have no faith.

“But there are people who have faith. Even when every storm is turning around them, they believe that God said something , and they stand by what God says, and I see it come to pass every time when people have faith.

“So I think that this is not just about politics, it’s about your own life as well, it’s about your own future, it’s about your own challenges, it’s about the things you are facing. There is no life that is without challenge. There is nobody that is without obstacles in his front, but as long as you have faith, as long as you believe, and as long as you do what is right and you are convinced that what you are doing is right.

“Whatever darts men may shoot at you, whatever missiles they will fire, whatever may happen around you, stay strong. Stay firm. Stay on course, and that God that delivered men of faith all through the centuries will be right there to deliver you in your own time.

The senator, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on FERMA, said it was the miracles of God that made his first a member of the Rivers State House of Assembly and later a senator.

Abe said, “For me, the most important thing that I take away from here today is that as long as Christ was born. And we believe that Christ was born; we should be able to know that whatever is right for us in our lives, God by his mercy will deliver it to us. But we have to get up and locate ourselves in a place of blessing.

“You can’t sit in your house and expect that everything will come to you. You have to get up and do what you need to do when you need the blessings of God in your life. And after you have done it, trust God that he will deliver what he said he would deliver.

“When I was running for the House of Assembly, Barry (Mpigi) is here; fpwe were colleagues then, battling from Tai as we were battling from Gokana. We got to a point where nobody believed that I would be able to make it, because the entire structure of the UNCP that time was located against only one person, and that was Magnus Abe.

“That small House of Assembly I was contesting became bigger than any other election, it became very controversial. You would get on the road and see people swearing and people would be banging on things saying, “l’over my dead body, it can never happen!.’

“But in the end, it happened in UNCP. When that one collapsed, and we went back to APP to run, it was the same thing. At the end of the day, after PDP had won the state, and everybody thought the election would now be a walkover, I still won my election into the Rivers State House of Assembly. It wasn’t easy, but the same God who delivers delivered us then.

“When I got up to go to the Senate, it was like breaking iron to try to move. I was actually contesting against myself. It became a very controversial thing. At the end of the day, that same God saw us through.

“When we were to go back this time around, everybody knows that story. I remember a friend of mine who went to Dubai and met one of the people associated with my opponent at that time. And the person told him that they have resolved that if there was one person that would not make it, that person was Senator Magnus Abe and that he should write it down, that that was the only one that would not happen.

“When my friend came back from Dubai, he came to meet me to say that he met this person and this was what they said, and he was totally dispirited. He felt it was a hopeless thing I was doing at that point. And I said to him, ‘whatever they told you to write down, take your pen and also write this one down. If there is one person that would win it, that one person is Senator Magnus Abe’. The rest, as they say is history.”




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