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Group Warns Against Cattle Colonies In South West



A coalition of Pan Yoruba groups, Oodua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC) has warned South West states never to allow grazing routes or Cattle colonies in any Yoruba territory.

The group’s deputy chairman, Mr. Olalekan Akinduro in a statement said any attempt to cede any Yoruba territory in the traditional Yoruba homes of Ogun, Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Akoko Edo, Itsekiri, Kwara and Kogi States was an invitation to anarchy.

According to the group, rearing of cattle is a private business adding that it is curious about the over protectionist posture of the federal government when Nigeria is a capitalist state that encourages individual initiatives provided such does not undermine the freedom and survival of others.

ONAC pointed out that the acrimonious nature of Fulani herdsmen has made them dangerous specie to any society.

“They destroy biodiversity, burn down trees, forests, natural stream and estuaries apart from encouraging migration of fellow Fulanis in large numbers from other countries other than Nigeria.

It argued that the colonies will create permanent settlements for them on the long run.

“This will affect the demography of Nigeria, the cultural homogeneity of Yoruba homestead and impact on electoral politics of Yoruba territories.

“The danger is that having turned these territories to colonies, they will, on the long term become political communions and occupied territories legitimized under the Nigerian legal system.



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