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 Bakare Laments Killings, Retrogression In Nigeria




The serving overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare has decried recent killings in the country, saying signs of retrogression seemed to have enveloped the country.

The vocal clergyman who spoke on Sunday evening service on the theme, ‘It Is To Renegotiate Our Union’ said his decision to contest next year’s presidential election is divine saying the that sent him also promised to make it happen at due course 

Dwelling more on the state of nation, he said some measure of progress has been made within the first thirty-one months of the present administration.

“However, as was the case with previous administrations, the current government appears to be merely patching the cracks on the wall. This administration anchored its policy outlook on three main thrusts, including security, job creation through diversification, and anti-corruption, yet all around us are signs of retrogression”, he said.

On his presidential ambition, he said,” I did say that, while waiting on God, the Spirit of God said to me:“Politics is not over for you. There is still one thing left for you to do: Run for President…I will work it out Myself and make it happen in due course.

“I went ahead to put this in context as I appealed for prayers. I hereby further clarify the twelfth prophecy with the following ten points: 

“The declaration was not a presidential campaign announcement; it was an invitation to prayers sent out to fellow labourers initiated in our corporate destiny as nation builders; To the uninitiated, that declaration was news, but to my partners in destiny, to whom indeed the request for prayers was extended, my journey and trajectory in the call to nation building is well known.

“If God leads me to serve my nation by election into political office, I state boldly that I will accept it with all my heart. In the year 2011, when the opportunity came to be running mate to then General Muhammadu Buhari, God said to me, “You are walking on a path that I have mapped out for you.”

“ In His wisdom, God knew that phase of His plan was not going to lead to election victory, but it was a crucial phase of His plan, and I dare say that the dress rehearsal was worth it. As God unfolds the next phase, my response to Him is simply, “Here I am. Send me,” he said.

The preacher explained that in like manner, every time the word, “run” is used in a statement, the politician thinks of elections, while a statesman thinks of the next generation.

“I am, by God’s grace, a nation builder propelled by the dream of a New Nigeria and hopefully will become a statesman someday; I am indeed running, but not for elections; it is a race of destiny and the destination is certain. The certainty of this destination is reminiscent of the statement Jesus made before Pilate”, he noted.

While addressing the congregation, Pastor Bakare added, “It began on April 10, 1967 when, as a thirteen-year-old, I saw myself in a vision discussing the future of the nation with two Nigerian leaders, General Yakubu Gowon and Chief Obafemi Awolowo. 

“That vision changed my life; it sustained me as a teenager and propelled me into student politics at the University of Lagos as I ran for the post of Student Union President; it took me into active politics as I stood on the platform with the elders the day the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) was launched in Lagos; that vision shaped my uncompromising non-conformist value system in legal practice, business, ministry, and politics.

The man of God who was not happy about the state of the nation said year 2018 promises to be an unusual one and a turning point in the history of the nation.

 He added,   “In conveying my optimistic salutations, I am not unmindful of the unpleasant circumstances that characterised the turn of the year, including the fact that the first “Merry Christmas” uttered by many Nigerians was to their fellow compatriots in fuel queues at petrol stations. 

“I am also saddened by the terror attacks on places of worship during the festive season. My heartfelt condolences go to the families and communities in Guma and Logo Local Government Areas in Benue State who began the year in grief because of the murderous activities of heartless criminals.

“I pray that they, and every hurting Nigerian, will experience the comforting hand of God and find the fortitude to hope for a happy and joyous year in 2018.





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