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Kaduna Protest: el-Rufai’s Aide Denies Allegation Of Sponsoring Thugs




Special assistant to Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, on Public Affairs, Mukhtar Maigamo, has called on Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to stop dragging his name in its activities, saying he did not sponsor thugs to disrupt the union’s recent protest in Kaduna.

In a statement issued by Maigamo, explained that: “My attention has been drawn to the NLC’s funny and baseless allegation that I sponsored thugs to disrupt their protest.

As ridiculous and groundless as their claims sound, I still wondered why the NLC would seek me out in their misadventure.”

el-Rufai’s aide further said, “The only correlation that could possibly be drawn is not far from the fact that on my way to the State’s Ministry of Education during the NLC’s ill-conceived protest, I noticed that they blocked the road-something that has been banned in the state; as I took another route, I met a reporter with LEADERSHIP.

As we exchange pleasantries, I and the Journalist saw a group of hoodlums being apprehended by the police. If I had sponsored them, I wouldn’t have allowed the Journalist to sight me at the spot. But to my surprise, NLC has resorted to scapegoating me.

“The truth of the matter is, NLC wanted to disrupt the peace just like the way they vandalised public property and attempted to lynch some of our state legislators during their protest last year.

“And as it happened with this recent one there was allegedly a case of collaboration between the NLC and some thugs to shut down Kaduna by instigating chaos, but with the timely intervention of the security agencies the said thugs were arrested- thus their motive thwarted.”

“Dragging my name is to me, a usual way of looking for the exit point after the failed adventure by the Union. Rather than sorting it out with their members whom they duped into believing that they can forced the government to reverse its decision on the sack, they are now groping for names to hang on, hence they clung on my name and aimed to used it as a path of escapism,” Maigamo explained.






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