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Intrigue In The Succession Battle For Borno Govt House



The current political situation in Borno State is that so many people are just aloof. They are just watching because, even those who are active in a particular political party are just occupying space because for sure many of them will leave their party to new ones or decamp to another as has been the trend with Borno politics.

In Borno, politicians go after the party that appears strong to them. They will shift their tent there if it appears that their existing party cannot accommodate them for the position they are aspiring to contest.

For instance, the peoples Democratic party ( PDP) was looked upon as alternative to the All progressives Congress (APC), the ruling party in the state, but the moment, the former Governor of state and the then PDP National Chairman was dethroned, things began to degenerate for the party in Borno as defferent factions sprang up.

As of now the PDP in Borno is having two strong contending factions. It could be recalled that one of the factions held its congress recently in Gombe before the PDP National Convention against a court order obtained by the other facton. And this has also reduced the chances of PDP ahead of  2019.

On the part of APC, the choice of flag bearer is presently it’s major headache. The party has also been factionalized along supporters of two candidates. Those backing Sen Abubakar Kyari, the senator representing Northern Borno Senatorial District and those backing the senator representing  Borno Central, Baba Kaka Garbai with the supporters threatening to leave the party should either one is made the flag bearer of the party in the State.

Some will say if Abubakar Kyari is made the flag bearer of the party , they will leave the party with the other opposing party saying that if Baba Kaka Garbai is made the flag bearer, they will as well leave the party.

The rest and the third faction are those waiting for the new political parties so that they can migrate and control the affairs of the new parties.

Notwitstandinging, there are some gladiators that are also in the waiting for anointing from the incubent Governor, Kashim Shettima over the 2019 battle for Borno Governnent House.

One of such is the present Commissioner of works and Transport in the state, Alhaji Adamu Lawan. Hon Lawan was a seasoned Banker and former colleague of the present Governor , Kashim Shettima at the Zennith Bank before the later became Governor. Body language of the Governor and the role the administration of Adamu Lawan has placed on Shettima’s administration is significant to the belif of pundits.

Also in the waiting is the Commissioner for Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Ressettlement (RRR) , newly created ministry for issues affecting rebuilding Communities destroyed by Boko Haram and ressettlement of displaced Persons in Borno, Prof Babagana Umara Zulum.

Zulum with the commitment and trust Shettima’s adminitration has bestowed upon him coupled with the doggedness and zeal he is applying to meet the target of the administration to return the IDPs back to their communities this year is also seen as a man waiting for a baptism for Borno 2019.

Not left out is the present Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice in the state, Barr Kaka Shehu Lawal. A generous youth and a workaholic seen by many as the eye of Governor Kashim Shettima’s administration , is also widely seen as a good bride of the ruling APC come 2019 in Borno from watchers.

Apart from these men , the state chairman of the APC , Ali Bukar Dalori is also said to be nursing the ambition to become the number one citizen of Borno come 2019.

In all these, what have also kept politicians in Borno aloof, expecially those of the ruling party is the recent directive from Governor Kashim Shettima, directing any member of his cabinet who wish to contest the 2019 election to resign, saying that no body in his governnent should play politics now,  untill the approved time. These phenomenon has kept politicians akimbos.

However, among the new political parties currently making wave in Borno is the Green Party Of Nigeria (GPN), said to be founded by Maj Hamza Al-mustapha ( RTD), former Chief Security Officer ( CSO)  to late former Head of state, Maj Gen Sani Abatcha .

GPN is also said to be enjoying financial backing from the late dictator’s family with Al-mustapha as the frontier.

The party is said to being accepted by both those who are leaving the PDP and those leaving the APC as only ground to meet again for a formidable force ahead of 2019 general elections. The two GPN secretairate in Borno is already witnessing behive of activities as people kept trooping in and out of the premises.

One of the officials of party who spoke to our correspondent on the condition of anonymity said the Party is likely to pick its Governorship candidate  from the Southern part of Borno state.

He said the southern part haven been deprived power for long from the central will make a beautiful bride for the party to slug it out with the ruling APC in the state come 2019.

Meanwhile, in his own analysis of political scenario in Borno ahead of 2019, an Elder statesman and the Sole administrator, Borno state Chamber of commerce, Industries, Mines And Agriculture (BOCCIMA), Alhaji Ahmed Ashemi ,said the ruling APC from the national to the ward level ( top to bottom) , are running the affairs of of the party with complacency.

He said the leaders of the APC feel that so long as President Muhammadu Buhari is alive and he is contesting, the party will win at all levels.

“Whether they run as political party , the way a Party should be run, or whether they become complacent and they run it down , they believe that the masses will still vote for APC , so long as Buhari is there.

“ In my opinion, that is a wrong view , depending on where one resides. You see like people in the Northwest, particularly, Kano , Kaduna, Jigawa and katsina, they are politically aware and enlightened , unlike People in Borno. These are people that can make different decisions for different elections.

“Now if you come to our State in Borno , where the insurgency has caused massive poverty on the people , to the extent that our people have lost their souls because of the poverty and difficulty that is being faced , the incubent governnent in the state rightfully thinks that it can easily walk over any opposition because of the incubency and resources at its disposal.

“The problem now is that we don’t have any serious politician and enlightened elites that can come out and sensitize the public to vote for the right candidate , not the bandwagon effect of voting for one party because of individual

“Coming to the Green Party Of Nigeria (GPN), it is a new Party and as far as my experience goes in politics, I don’t think the GPN is rooted to the extent that people will be motivated or enticed to join it. On the other hand , PDP in Borno is a serial looser. Today, it has  even factionalized or fractionalized than it has ever been since its existence in the state.

“ So I don’t think the PDP is even an option for any right thinking person in the state to join. What I think is that if there are serious politicains with resources , they can take the GPN, sorry to mention this, or they can even take a party like KOWA party and bring it up.

“You know , if they have resources, between now and 2019 , they can fix the party to give APC run for their money. You know the APC is run like governnent and the Political Leaders are invisible”, he said.





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