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Don’t Push Your Luck Too Far, Abdullahi Adamu Tells Obasanjo



…..Says president not shielding killer herdsmen
Chairman of the Northern Senators Forum and former governor of Nasarawa state, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu yesterday cautioned former President Olusegun Obasanjo against blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for insecurity in the country.
Adamu also said that the former President could not boast of successfully solving all security concerns during his 8 years period as president, thereby advised him to exercise restraints.
The former governor stated this while addressing a Press Conference in reaction to recent herdsmen attacks in Benue State.
He noted that people of Benue state seem so blame President Muhammadu Buhari for the activities of Fulani herdsmen in their anger, but said the herdsmen has a long history of destroying communities long before Buhari became President.
“‎The herdsmen have been part of our security cocktail since the end of the civil war,” he said.
He described as disingenuous to argue that the federal government has been tardy in its response to the attacks because the President being a Fulani, is protecting his tribesmen.
While fielding questions from journalists on  the content of former president Olusegun Obasanjo’s letter to the president, Adamu said he would rather take his time to study the letter, but warned the former President not to over stretch his luck.
“The former President enjoys making himself a recurrent decimal  in Nigeria’s political space. But on the issue of insecurity, what you will ask is whether there were no security issues during his time and I wonder if he addressed all and was able to succeed and solve all the security issues during his eight years as president and he left the country without security issues when he asked for a third term and did not get,” Adamu said.
He however promised to respond to all the issues raised by the former President  after a careful perusal of the letter.
“I would have loved not to say anything about Obasanjo, because it appears there is a deliberate plan on his part to make himself a recurrent decimal in the Nigerian political space.”
“I concede to his right to share an opinion, it is enshrined in the constitution. I cannot and will not advice anybody to deny him of his right. Having said that, I want to crave to address the issues he raised later when I ..speak to the press about it. I will address the issues he raised words for words, I will identify the possible points, reasonable points and whatever he has done to hit bellow the belt.”
“We will respond to that, but sometimes it is good to behave like a dry sponge, when you put it in water, you let it soak, and you will appreciate it’s full size until you will be able to handle it. So I will allow the issue of Obasanjo’s comments  go that way for now, but one has to caution that he should not take his luck too far,” he said.
Adamu who condemned in strong terms the recent killings of 73 people in Guma and Logo local government area of the state, advised that it is important to prevent future occurrence of the ugly incident.
“The killing of 73 people in Guma and Logo local government areas of the state by Fulani herdsmen still seat on the conscience of the Nigerian state with a heavy weight. The dead have been buried, but even as we grieve, it is incumbent on the living to try and prevent a future re-occurrence of the tragedy,” he said.
The former governor noted that leaders from the middle belt region should
“I would like to caution that we need to keep a sense of proportion in our responses and pronouncements. Those who have nothing to say, should opt for the wiser option of saying nothing instead of of giving into unguarded and irresponsible statements that would only aggravate the situation and further inflate passion,” he said
‎Adamu however described  as mutinous,  statement credited to former cairman of the Northern Elders Forum and leader of the Tiv nation, Paul Unongo,, suggesting that  if President Muhammadu Buhari failed in his responsibility of protecting lives and property of Benue State citizens, the people would train their own army in the state to defend them.
He emphasised that leaders from the Middle Belt region should refuse to allow. Anger and emotion lead them to take actions they will later regret.
“I speak to you, not as an indigene of Benue state but of Nasarawa state. But I am a statesman in ‎my own right from the middlebelt, it is important for those of us who have the privilege of leadership position in the middlebelt to put on our red caps as statement and refuse to let anger and emotion get the better of us. We must not let emotion and anger force us to say or do things today that we might regret tomorrow, ” he added. .


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