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Theresa May Calls For More Action On Free Trade Across Globe



Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May

Countries across the world must do more to foster free trade than just talk about it, British Prime Minister Theresa May said at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

May, ironically, shifted the meeting’s focus away from Washington’s alleged protectionism.

“Frankly, too often our rhetoric in support of free trade here in Davos is not matched by our action,’’ May told country and business leaders in the Swiss mountain resort.

She recalled that steel-producing countries still have to carry out their agreement to reduce oversupply.

“At the World Trade Organisation (WTO), negotiations on liberalising cross-border services are stalled,’’ May criticised, adding that the WTO has also been struggling to remove barriers to online commerce.

Several of the country leaders assembled in Davos have denounced protectionism this week in apparent reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump’s new punitive tariffs, and his scepticism towards regional trade agreements.

Trump is set to explain his policies in a keynote speech at the World Economic Forum on Friday. (dpa/NAN)





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