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Democratic Youth Congress Scores Sports Minister Low.



A group known as Democratic Youth Congress (DYC), has scored the minister of youth and sports Solomon Dalung, low for his inability to organise youth oriented programs for the youths in the country.

National chairman of DYC, Kassim Mohammed Kassim, who made this known while addressing newsmen on Saturday in Lafia, berated the sports minister, Dalung, for neglecting the youths he said forms the substantial amount of the population of the country.

Kassim (KMK), who is a member of the Nasarawa State House of Assembly, representing Akwanga South, also noted with dismay the inability of the minister to initiate some youth programs under his ministry.

“The organization was formed to mobilize, propagate, sensitise and educate people about the activities of President Muhammad Buhari and also advocate for the support of the teaming youth for Buhari in 2019”

“We believe in his ideology, we believe in his philosophy and we also believe in his core values to entrench true democracy in this country”

“As a youth leader and party loyalist, we will not watch some of his ministers, who does not know PMB’s agenda for this country, mislead the youths by not telling them what Mr President, planned for them”

“Let me be specific, the minister of youth and sports, Barrister Solomon Dalong, with due respect is incompetent, he is not creative, because that ministry supposed to organise series of activities that will galvanise, inform and educate the youths, because if you are not informed, then you are deformed” he said.

The DYC chairman who holds the title of Garkuwa matasan Arewa (the shield of northern youths), expressed regret that if the teaming Nigerian youth are not well informed, they may get lost by engaging in political thuggery and social vises, that will not help the present APC administration in the country.

“The crisis going on in the country today is due to lack of information and unfortunately, the same youths are engaged in the crisis by carrying guns to kill themselves and innocent Nigerians, which is to bad for our democracy and the good image of this country ”

“The federal ministry of youth and sports, is supposed to go round the 36 states to organise activities that will have impact on the youths, unite them and inform them on the policies and programs of the present government ”

He lamented that the activities of the APC’s administration in the areas of youth empowerment such as n-Power and NDE training programs, are under reported.

“What we see the minister of sports doing sometimes is to kick the ball during matches and he will remain dormant after that, so he should wake up in the area of youth mobilisation”

“As far as we in DYC are concerned that ministry is dormant and the minister in charge has never organised youth oriented program that will propagate the activities of this government in the area of youth” he said.



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