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No Plan To Establish Cattle Colony In Edo – Obaseki



The governor of Edo State, Mr Godwin Obaseki has denied allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that Edo State government has approved land for the establishment of cattle colonies in Edo State.
He said that the state government has not entered into any agreement for cattle colonies in any part of Edo State.
He said, “PDP’s resort to outright falsehood as a tactic for redeeming its irredeemable image, demonstrates the party’s lack of capacity to engage in intellectual and ideological contestations.
“Only a hopeless party like the PDP tells such barefaced, blatant and brazen lies because it has no issues to bring to the table.
It is also not true that the Edo State Government is not doing anything about the activities of the Fulani herdsmen in Edo North.”
He noted that the security challenges we face today in Nigeria’s North East region originated with the PDP, adding that every educated Nigerian knows that the nation’s security apparatus are controlled by the federal government and it will amount to sheer mischief to blame his administration for the nation’s security challenges.
“The Edo State government is working assiduously to attend to all the needs of Edo people and residents in the state including the protection of lives and properties and will not be distracted by the false and bogus claims of the bandits who ruined Edo State when they were in power.
No amount of misinformation by the ailing PDP will sway Edo people and residents in the state, who witnessed the criminal activities of the PDP while the party was in power. Edo people are very intelligent who can sense a lie from a distance.
“The PDP lacks the credibility to speak on any issue in Edo State. Rogues and looters cannot suddenly turn advocates of good governance. PDP cannot give what it does not have.