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Kenyan Soldiers Have Degraded Somali Militants – Kenyatta



President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya said Thursday the country’s soldiers engagements have greatly degraded Somali militant group Al-Shabaab’s ability to carry out attacks in the country.

Kenyatta also praised efforts by the Kenya Defence Forces in the fight against terrorism both in Somalia, and at home.

“When this entire region is finally at peace, it will be because the men and women of this Service fought bravely for peace, for prosperity, and for freedom and equality under law,” Kenyatta said during the recruits pass out parade in Eldoret.

Kenya is currently engaged in the fight against the militia group in southern Somalia where its soldiers under the Africa Union peacekeeping mission have been registering impressive gains by flushing out the militants in towns and other locations.

Kenyatta also praised the military for the role they are playing in Boni forest, Lamu County, as part of the Multi Agency Force, ridding the region of terrorists and other criminals.

The militant group is believed to have fighters operating in the area’s Boni forest that has poor communication network and terrains slowing down police operations.

Kenyatta said one of his essential duties, as the Commander-in-Chief is the protection of Kenyans and the preservation of Kenya’s integrity under the constitution.

He said in defence of motherland and in the pursuit of peace and security, some of the gallant soldiers have paid the ultimate price noting that the losses are a reminder that the threat is still there.

“I stand here today to say that these sons and daughters of Kenya have not fallen in vain.

“Their sacrifice for our freedom strengthens our resolve to fight the enemy, and to destroy him once and for all,” said Kenyatta.

He told the new recruits that they are now entering a war in which they will be required to be devoted and demonstrate their creativity.

“I have no doubt that you will serve Kenya faithfully, holding nothing back.

“So I thank you, and pray for God’s blessings upon you, both today, and throughout your service,” Kenyatta said. (Xinhua/SH)