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“Nitori” Has Opened Many Doors For Me – Princess Olajubu



Princess Iyabo Olajubu

Princess Iyabo Olajubu is the daughter of late songstress, Reagent Bunmi Olajubu a.k.a ‘Bata Mi a Dun Koko Ka’ whose song has been an evergreen. For those from yes-ter-years, they would understand the impact the family has been making in the music industry. But for Princess Iyabo, keeping her mother’s legacy has helped her in breaking boundaries. She recently remixed one of her late mum’s popular tune, “Nitori” and also dropped the video which has continued to receive ravishing reviews across the country. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM writes on this charming and elegant songstress in an encounter with her in Abuja recently.

Everyone can make music, but not everyone knows the rudiment in making music. There are songs being churned out to the public on a daily basis without considering the positive or negative impact it would have on the younger generation. In the same vein, there are people whose positive mindset have helped to reshape the community.

Music that heals the soul, music that uplift the spirit, music that takes one back to another clime , music that reinvigorate the hearts of the heartless, these are the songs Princess Iyabo Olajubu, the daughter of late Reagent, Bunmi Olajubu does.

There is a popular saying that like father like son, but in her case, it is like mother like daughter. She’s a replica of her late mum. The countenance and what have you, her eloquence and presentation is what opens more doors for her and certainly more doors are still opening. 

According to her, she crave to sustain and keep her mother’s legacy alive, hence, the remix of her song, “Nitori” which is inspirational. The message in the song is the key that unlock all doors. 

“Nitori was really making waves back then, I remember I was still young then. I am fully back into music now. It has been a part-time thing for me but I believe I have gotten enough time now to focus my attention on it. Nitori brought my mum into limelight. Coming out in a bigger way, I decided to give honour to who honour is due. I decided to honour my mum first, that is why I remixed her song. A lot of people advised me to do this song because they have missed it a lot. We just want to bring back her memory. My mum’s version was slower, simply classical, but I decided to fine tune it to be more danceable.” She explains.

When asked if she got her own genre of music but just wanting to bring back the memory of her late mother, she pointed out that her songs are close to her mums’, that is, she does similar style and approach it with all lyrical prowess.

“My songs are for the matured minds. My beats and lyrics are much matured. I won’t really say I am following her footsteps but if you say so, it don’t really matter because sometimes you don’t give what you don’t really have. If you come from a lineage of someone singing a particular song, there is a probability that you would end up that way too. My mum sang very decent, educational, spiritual songs when she was alive, so I don’t think I would be doing something different from the foundation she has already laid down.”

Though she has her own songs and also doing great as a solo artistes, but yet decided to drop the single before even thinking of releasing hers’. So what inspired her decision for the single and the eventual video that is gaining massive rave across the country?

“That is a very good question. Before I dropped the video for this song, I haven’t even done any of mine. I was trying to take one of my beautiful songs to Akin for a video and some of my mum’s contemporaries were like No, you can’t do that. They said I should do something about your mum and they all wanted “Nitori.” Lots of people, her fans and mine wanted the song back and that was why I decided to even drop the video before mine. So I need to work according to the demands of the public because music is doing what the public really want,” she said adding that the reception has been explosive since the dropping of the single and the video.


The delectable precious Princess Olajubu whose smiles is one of her charming attributes pictured her music at the peak , going internal and promoting African culture, explaining how the songs have been receiving rave reviews in different states in Nigeria. She also revealed that she was not keen on collaborations because she doesn’t need anyone’s glory to shine, but would do something with other artistes when the need is for the betterment of mankind which was the niche of her late mum and hers for the music industry.

“I have been on musical tour of the Southwest, Ekiti State which is where I am from, they celebrated me for a whole week. I was on air all through and they were happy with what I have achieved so far. I still have lots of invitation that I am yet to honour. I am doing music for pleasure. There are still people who wouldn’t compromise the kind of songs they sing because of their morals. Many TV and radio stations are demanding for more positive songs” she explain.

Aside her songs she loves Michael Bolton, Celine Dion, ASA, any artiste that sing meaningful and inspirational songs. She sees herself going to the top with her musical career and believes the sky is just the beginning. The spirituality in music is what what has continue to energies her to write songs more in her dialect, Yoruba.

Princess Olajubu, in keeping the memory of her late mother who was a lover if children has set up a foundation called Regent Bunmi Olajubu Foundation to cater for the less privileged of the society.

She is also set to launch her 8tracks album from her numerous collections of songs soon.

She has worked with great producers like Mekoyo, TY Mix, Rotimi Akinfenwa of Inside Communication, Alex O, I have worked with lots of them

Her message to upcoming artiste is that they should be focused, dedicated and original.




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