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Academy Launches Obaland Royal Awards In Benin



The much talked about Obaland Royal Awards has finally been launched in Benin City, capital of Edo state.

This was made known by popular entertainer, producer and CEO, Edo Reggae Festival Inc, an entertainment company, established in 2017 by Empress Adesuwa Omoyeme Obatta a.k.a Dqueen who was among the first 90 members who constituted the Nigerian film industry and a co-producer of controversial Nollywood film “Scavengers” in 2016.

The Obaland Academy and the awards programme, was launched in Benin city on the 7th of February 2018, with the participation of important personalities like Edo state director of art and culture to represent the ministry and other Government bodies, Mr Godwin Egbe of the National Edo state broadcasting service, Nigerian veterans, top notch artistes like Oligbese, Daddy Fresh, Dyckoy, Ben Priest (The official lead vocalist of late Lucky Dube), Naxis DG, S.K.O, Eedris Abdulkareem, Dj Oscar B and others from the Nigeria entertainment industry.

The launching was strictly by invitation as the award launching academy wasn’t meant for poeple with low impact to the society or social impacts to Edo state and her people globally.

During the presentation, the CEO, Empress Obatta, explained her vision about the project, pointing at relevancies on, why, where and how the recognitions are recorded, while emphasizing on the necessity of documenting the encyclopedia  in private music libraries, for educational and  tourism consumption.

She counted on the Obaland’s academy to be a reference to reliable content provider, as to promote the Oba’s palace and Otèdo heritage. She also stressed the need that the recognition will be strictly   for any personalities without pending court cases, criminal acts “anyone found abusing this antique recognition could be revoked by Edo state high court of Justice” she concluded.

Obaland Academy is the project prevalently powered by Edo Reggae Festival Inc. and Obatta, who is a theater art practitioner and one time interim vice president of PMAN has been doing everything to move entertainment not just in her state, but the country to the next level.

According to Adesuwa, the members include motion pictures practitioners, singers, songwriters, engineers, producers, managers, Individuals, humanitarians and wide range of professionals working in the music and Film industry.

The graduate of University of California (UCLA) USA holds a degree in Cinematography from the same school including business management and marketing training from Boston state university (USA). The mother to 3 has worked with the likes of Queen Latifah, Tupac Shakur and other top international act.

She is also an OAP, popularly known for International Reggae events alongside artistes management guru with a class.

Obatta has also worked and managed mainstream reggae artistes like Majek Fashek, Winning Jah, The Mandators, King Wadada, Africa meets reggae festival, Roaring thunder sound system of Nigeria.

Dqueen is also the architect organizer of the Edo State International Reggae Festival, “Obaland Music Award” to be endorsed by Commissioner for Arts and Çulture, under Ministry of Arts and Çulture.

Obaland also known as “otònèdo” is a collective idea of various companies, renowned non-Governmental organisations, Edo state Government, Entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals.

The awards are in segment, the “Obaland Royal Awards” and “Obaland Music Awards.”

Obaland Royal Awards:

“This is a reputable extraordinary achievement honors and recognitions for individuals and organizations who have made marks in the areas of music and humanitarian services, for developers of projects and technological inventions and “interventions which has helped better the lives of the Edo people anywhere in the world.

Obaland Awards:

This are a reputable annual achievement awards and recognitions for entertainers, who have made marks in the areas of music, Fashion, art authors and Companies.

Members of the Academy

“OBALAND” was retrieved from “Otèdo”  belonging to his royal majesty “Oba n’èdo” King Ewuare II of Benin, as the academy earlier nominated the living King as the Patron of the annual award program, endorsed by Edo state honorable commissioner of arts culture and diaspora affairs   Hon. Osaze Osemwegie Ero

Obaland Award is first of its kind and the most important Award in the history of Africa.