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T.R.A.D International Inaugurated In London



The Restoration Alliance in Diaspora T.R.A.D , a non partisan association of Nigerians in Diaspora aimed at bringing like minds together to address the issues that affect and hinder the progression of every aspect of the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria and most importantly, be actively involved in the debate about the most sustainable, transparent and fair growth of the country has been inaugurated in London.

The necessitous state of many people in Nigeria coupled with the outright lack care and acountability of the state of the economy by leaders and government thus far and then crowned with disheartening disregard for rule of law and nepotism necessitated T.R.A.D to gather and project the voices of concerned Nigerians living abroad against this lamentable situation in her dear country.

Speaking during the inauguration, the Coordinator of T.R.A.D, Mr Ike Azokwu said it is time for diasporans to be more actively involved in the quest to restore the strength, might, potentials and integrity of Nigeria.

He told the gathering that “for them to have left their homes and possibly other engagements to be there for this wonderful occasion simply shows the love, care and concern they have for our country Nigeria”.

The event witnessed a large turn out of richly diverse group of Nigerians from various states in the west, north, east and south of the country.

Mr Azokwu declared that Nigerians in diaspora are looking for inspirational leaders. He reflectd on what is currently happening around the world in terms of economic and technological growth with countries like Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, not to talk of South Africa making giant strides with far less resources compared to Nigeria that is overly endowed with numerous natural and outstanding talented human resources.

“We should be enlightened and eagerly aware of the need for sincere, dedicated and good governance driven leadership that will impact lives not only in Abuja but across and to all corners of the country because God has blessed each part immensely with what it takes a strong prosperous nation; a regional power. The synergy of our enormous and priceless attributes is what we need to move the country forward in the right direction and unto its right position. ” he explained.

Also speaking, the Woman Leader of T.R.A.D- Hajia Hadiza Mohammed spoke on the need for improved female participation in politics and government stressing that women should make themselves relevant and available. She added that gender equality in government can never be overemphasized in this day and age. She passionately encouraged women to come out and be part of this movement because they posses special qualities and attributes that can be harnessed for the growth of our nation.

One of the agenda for the meeting was the Diasporians’ Economic Strength, Importance and Influence and Democratic Ethic Issues in Nigeria. The discussion was led by the Deputy Coordinator Mr Mazi Obi Okoli who deeply expressed the urgent need for Nigerians in Diaspora to get acquainted with is happening in Nigeria both politically and economically.

He made reference to an economic report which highlighted that Nigerians abroad contribute up to $22 billion annually to the Nigerian economy in the form remittances for various purposes. This is about the largest direct foreign investment into the economy. So it is only fair that the people responsible for this are given an equal platform and opportunity to be part of the governance and solution to restoring the lost glory of Nigeria. There are thousands of Nigerians abroad that want to make a difference and see our country proudly prosper. TRAD will set the stage to firmly actualise this desire. He further highlighted the urgent need for voters registration awareness.