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MURIC Demands Action On Law School Hijab Saga



Four months after a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja restrained the House of Representatives from holding the public hearing on how Amasa Firdaus, a law graduate from University of Ilorin was barred from call to bar ceremony of the School of Law, the Muslim Right Concern (MURIC) has demanded for an action on the matter.

The director of MURIC, Prof Ishaq Akintola in a statement issued on Monday lamented that nothing had been heard since.

MURIC said they are horrified by the deafening silence coming from the House of Representatives particularly after the court granted the injunction seeking to stop the public hearing.

“We are palpably appalled by the seeming lack of a political will on the part of the representatives of the people  to pursue the course of justice.

“The court merely stopped the public hearing. It did not stop the House from continuing other investigations. It did not stop the House from taking a position. So what is the House afraid of? What are the people’s representatives waiting for,” it queried.

It would be recalled that Amasa Firdaus was barred from call to bar ceremony of the School of Law on Wednesday, 13th December, 2017 because she refused to remove her hijab.

The Tsunami of condemnations which followed this unjust treatment forced the House of Representatives to assign its Committee on Judiciary and Justice to investigate the matter.

Hwever, a public hearing slated by the latter for Tuesday 6th February was suddenly postponed after a coalition of legal practitioners sought the courts intervention in stopping the public hearing. Justice Anwuli Chikere of the Federal High Court, Abuja, on 28th February restrained the House of Representatives from holding the public hearing.

According to MURIC, it is interesting to note that the House Committee on Judiciary and Justice had called for and received a large number of memoranda on the matter prior to the date fixed for public hearing.

While noting that MURIC was one of several Islamic organizations which submitted memoranda to the committee, it said the question is, “What has happened to all the memoranda?”

It opined that the huge volume of memoranda received by the House was enough to guide it in taking a decision on this crucial matter, adding that justice delayed is justice denied.

“We are flabbergasted by the inaction of the House and its inexplicable procrastination. We are shocked to our marrows that a House which parades renowned activists cannot see the need to rise in defence of a poor, innocent and vulnerable feminine creature of the Adamic chromosome.

“We are disappointed that even the female members of the House cannot stand up to be counted in the struggle to get justice for Amasa Firdaus, the young, bold and vibrant Amazon of our time.

“Amasa Firdaus must get justice. She has challenged an unjust status quo at a time many of us are succumbing to tyranny, oppression and persecution. The fact that a young lady has cried out in the midst of excruciating silence and in the face of repression should arouse the curiosity of women in the Green Chamber. The courage manifested by Firdaus should jog the chivalry in the veins of valiant men in the House.”


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