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Dankwambo…Working For The Best



“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” —Lao Tzu

In an effort to describe the person of Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo PhD, we are reminded with the Socratic questions. The Greek philosopher in his quest to understand the mystery of life asked the ultimate questions such as what is love what is truth and what is justice?

His ultimate goal as we were later made to understand is trying to figure out the best way to live. He wondered why some people behaved well and others behaved badly. He thought that bad behaviour resulted from ignorance. He believed that once people knew what was right, they would choose to behave well. Behaving well, Socrates claimed, was the best way to live. So each time the name of Dankwambo is mentioned I like to believe that he must be an unrepentant student of Socrates.

If not why has he chosen to pay workers when others think it’s wiser to owe? Why has he decided to be humble and simple when others think arrogance is the key? Why has he decided to make education his first, second and third priority when others sees giving money on the street as liberation? Why has he decided to make Gombe the infrastructural hub of north east when others are busy promising in the faces of media? Why does he feel been honest, just and compassionate is what his people needs when many employs dubious and evil acts for selfish gains? Why, why and why?

One of the current challenges Nigeria is facing is ownership, our leaders has further aided this cancer that Nigerians rarely see themselves as one. What ought to be our incredible sources of progress, unity, asset and binding rope are now what divide us. We now think and live our lives in line of tribe, religion, party on issues of human dignity and love. In all of these, the Nigeria is moving in a very slow pace and subsequently with crisis. So, in the face of this cancerous situation it is only right and proper that we must first and foremost think Nigeria before anything else.

Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo through his life style, his leadership, simplicity, acumen, humour, vision, vigour, and pursuit of good name has given life and light to the unending questions raised by the Greek philosopher. In a space of three hundred and sixty-five days, different local and international organizations have recognized the efforts of Dankwambo with numerous awards and accolades. It is important to understand what defines a man and how such person could be perceived to be living a good life. Indeed, our relationship with our fellow mortals tells so much about us even long after we have gone. This means wherever we find ourselves and in whatever capacity or positions of authorities, we must endeavour to live a good life. To live a good life as we have been bequeathed with is to love our neighbors, love our brothers and our sisters. Ensure that everyone including workers get what is due to them and at the right time too.

We must always even in the face of unpleasant or threatening situation reveals the truth. The truth is very crucial to our survival and towards creating a good name and leaving a lasting and indelible legacy. Again and most importantly, we must be fair in our dealings by ensuring equal opportunities for all. It has been repeatedly stressed that the progress of any society lies heavily on her dispositions on matters of justice to the general public. People should be made to account for the right and wrong they do, favouritism, prejudice, stereotyping and their like must and should be avoided at all times.

The simplicity of Dankwambo leadership has made Nigerians rekindle their commitment to Nigeria leaders once again. Through his wisdom and humility, Nigerians across the walls of the country are coming together to chant unity and oneness. This means that he did not take side nor does he feel too proud of himself. He has shown how a man can be so elevated and yet remain humble. His visions is equal to none, the transformation going on in Gombe State is too good to be good and too marvellous to be missed by any. But above all these, the impact of his lifestyle on young generations is amazing and deepening. Today, many young Nigerians believe in themselves and in what they are capable of doing. More and more are venturing into leadership circle with the zeal to create a difference and earn themselves a good name.

We must be patriotic to the philosophy of our founding fathers and we must see every Nigerian as one regardless of varying affiliations. We must stand up and put a stop to all of this madness and create a Nigeria the next generation will be proud of and the time is now. The youths must be resolute, pragmatic and productive, we must avoid been used as experiment and a tool for crisis but rather we must be our brother’s keeper.

However, how can we do it if not to stand behind and support a man who wears the one Nigeria clothe, a man who believes in the dignity of man and one who lives the socratic life. This explains why the National Good Governance Group (NGGG) after their extensive search finds Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo the right person to help resuscitate the Nigeria project. The group through his North East coordinator Mr. Alfred John calls on Nigerian youths to open their hands and accept governor Dankwambo as the next president of federal republic of Nigeria. This piece is not about the antecedents of Governor Hassan, lest it would have been gladly pencilled here. A trip to Gombe will convince a blind man that indeed wisdom is more profitable than riches.

John wrote in from Gombe State




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