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Obaland Academy To Recognise 60,000 Nigerian Patriots



Adesuwa Omoyemen obatta aka Dqueen

60,000 Nigerians from various professions are to bag the prestigious monarch’s award known as “Obaland Awards” which is the official Africa Grammy of Oba Ewuare II of Benin Kingdom.

This was made known by Adesuwa Omoyemen obatta, popularly known as (Dqueen), the CEO of Edos Reggae Festival Inc. who also doubles as one of the governing body of the Obaland academy, during the 17th extraordinary monarch meetings with some of the traditional rulers in Lagos state.

Explaining why 2,000 Nigerian female entertainers and hardworking female patriots should receive the most prestigious monarch’s awards to the committee during the meeting, she said this is different because they are not just nominating people who haven’t contributed to their community or even family but these women who have been attested to as reputable and not just by their spouses.

Dqueen explain that this is to enable hard working housewives stand out from the other women, who barely care about taking proper care of their homes.

“Women in Nigeria have no notable recognition, this year 2018 we are including good housewives to receive the prestigious award, for the very first time in Africa, because showing appreciations to Africa women has an impact.

“All officially married men in various locations in Nigeria, should write an essay to Obaland Academy and tell us how useful and honest their wives has been, mostly the women with little income,” she stated.

She also added that Obaland academy will also recognise a detainee, under (Amnesty) who voluntarily renounce criminal act, as a tool to reinstate them to the society to partake in social gatherings. “For this type of prestigious recognition, only the Police warders could request for detainees.”






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