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Re: The Media, NIA And The ‘Truth’



Let’s start by asking, what are the issues at stake? A committee was set up by the president to investigate the allegations against Ambassador Oke the former DG of the NIA headed by the Vice President, the report of the committee has long been swept under the carpet and another committee was inaugurated and presided over by Baba Gana Kingibe, while the incumbent D-G of the NIA, Amb. Ahmed Rufa’i Abubakar was appointed as the secretary. The same Ahmed Rufa’i Abubakar, was kingibe’s personal assistant for several years while serving in Dafur.

The committee recommended in part that for an officer to qualify as Director General of the Agency he has to be a serving officer not below the rank of a Director. Currently in the NIA there are five Directors who must be retired from service following the appointment of Ahmed Rufa’i who retired five years ago as a deputy director.
The question that every discerning Nigerian would ask here is why was AMB Dauda dismissed from service? What has he done to warrant out right dismissal? Was the $44M in question stolen or pilfered? The answer is NO. The funds were in fact evacuated to the office of the NSA for protection and safe custody against the preying eyes of those individuals hell bent on looting it. This President was adequately briefed on this development by the NSA.

The height of persecution, victimization and injustice was unfortunately exercised with the dismissal of AMB Dauda who was never found guilty of any wrongdoing, while Amb.Oke who was found guilty of embezzlement of public funds only got his job terminated and he is still occupying the official residence of the DG, moving about freely, and enjoying state protection with all paraphernalia of the office as if nothing had happened. Indeed due process, rule of law was not followed in the way the two matters were handled. One was found guilty and retired, while the other who exposed corruption was summarily and unlawfully dismissed from service on a baseless allegation of leaking state secret, without giving him any opportunity to be heard in a fair and transparent manner.

Let’s us also look at the article with the above captioned from the Politico Magazine who went online to launder the image of their pay masters by manufacturing falsehood that when added up do not make any meaningful sense. The outfit only succeeded in ridiculing their organization for the unprofessional and unethical conduct of media prostitution, treachery and blackmail which can only appeal to gullible readers or those that are intertwined with them in the same game.
I cannot join issues with them, let them go ahead with the game of deception and frustration, it is my belief that Amb. Dauda would never be blackmailed to submission by jesters and fraudsters. Its really unfortunate that its becoming a pattern in this regime to shield corruption and punish those that refuse to be roped into it. Finally, what I expect from Mr Kingibe is to deny these allegations long before the invitation from the house committee or the EFCC, in the very same way he denied ever wanting to contest against Gen Buhari when his posters flooded streets of Kaduna.

The attempt to make the victim a culprit cannot hold, its too little too late. I want to advise those close to the President to all tell him the truth and correct him whenever he erred so that he succeeds, for every wrong decision taken that affects the country as a whole like in this situation.
Khalifa Abubakar Siddiq once said, “Those that love me will tell me the truth that I may succeed, but my enemies will hover around me as sycophants, so that they get an opportunity to laugh at me when I fail. I have NEVER been a leech nor will I ever be one. What I expect from some of you beneficiaries of this failure is to go beyond this platform and make your cases in defence of the issues I have raised, or that anyone had raised.
Nigeria is a country unfortunately run by individuals who by share luck happened to be within the corridors of power always appearing to be fighting corruption while they have stolen millions of public funds, others with God Fathers are simply shielded from trial or prosecution, while the innocent are chased, haunted and persecuted. This attitude must change if our dear country is to move forward.

I have been with President Muhammadu Buhari politically for quite a long time, and I want those close to him to tell him I would continue to say the truth and maintain my stance on national issues whenever the need arises. It is my inalienable right to speak the truth. When I was imprisoned, beaten, poisoned by previous governments for criticizing them most of you eating from the crumps of those governments were against me, so I still don’t expect you to be with me on this one. You can keep your choice, but never interfere with mine. When I was in the political trenches fighting to make this government a reality where were you? In Kano we call people like you “yan munga ta fadi gayyar tsiya” that’s what you are.
– Muhammad sent in this piece from Kano




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