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UTURN Showcases its Expertise in Enhancing Arabic Content to IGCF 2018 Visitors



UTURN Showcases its Expertise in Enhancing Arabic Content to IGCF 2018 Visitors

UTURN, KSA’s leading Arabic entertainment network on YouTube, hosted two interactive sessions at the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF), organised by the International Government Communication Centre (IGCC), at Expo Centre Sharjah under the slogan ‘Digital Millennium… Where to?’. The two sessions addressed the impact of the fast-changing digital sphere on enhancing Arabic content on the internet.

The first session discussed the tactics and mechanisms in the creation process and development of content throughout the last decade, while the second addressed the role of content in building cultural and social identity and enhancing it at a global level.

Salman Hammad, a content producer at UTURN, discussed the technical elements and the accelerating technological developments that facilitate the process of creating content, and liberating it from traditional media dependence, with each individual having the ability to create and communicate their own content.

He also talked about what he referred to as ‘The Power of Smart Phones’, which provides vast and easy options accessible to all, and facilitates the process of content creation and marketing on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

Hammad underscored the progressive development of interactive and social media content over the last decade, and how it has the potential to develop itself further as a result of the vast and endless possibilities in the digital communication industry.

He underlined that the latest developments contributed to liberating content from its traditional format, and paved the way for its development in a manner that allows creative and innovative ideas to grow.

Hammad shed light on UTURN’s efforts in developing content on social media platforms, and how it was able to achieve tangible results and remarkable success in a very short time.

In the second session, Hammad introduced attendees to advanced practices in photography, and the unique techniques a user can utilise for optimal imageries through mobile devices.

He emphasised the importance of making the most out of such tools, as they are among the key catalysts that have contributed to the development and evolution of various technologies, including tablets and mobile gadgets, as means to cater to a more advanced and dynamic form of communication.

Hammad explained: “Because technology is increasingly becoming more advanced, with imagery styles such as the ‘selfie’ increasingly trending across the social communication networks, the art of photography has evolved much further than the conventional style of imagery.”

Hammad finally described that it’s important for advertisers and social media users to practice different styles of photography, and incorporate as many modern technologies as possible which will contribute to their mass communication strategy and their presence.

Established in Jeddah in 2010, UTURN is a network that achieved more than 1.85 billion views globally, with 100 million monthly views.  UTURN’s programmes on YouTube increased from 2 to more than 15 programmes that see a turnout of followers in KSA, UAE and other Arab countries.