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Nasarawa Residents Cry Over Domestic Violence



As the case of domestic violence continue to escalate in the society, some residents in New Nyanya and Mararaba in Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa state have condemned the act describing it as barbaric.

Some of the residents who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday said the act among couples was a barbaric act that could result to psychological disorder.

They argued that although most victims of domestic violence were women but that some men also experienced similar violence from their wives but on a minimal level.

Mr Elvis Destiny, a civil servant was of the opinion that some cultures were barbaric stressing that such barbarism translate to violent actions between couples.

Destiny explained that any culture that believed that when a woman got married, she had automatically become a property of the man encouraged domestic violence.

” The culture that makes a man to think that a woman is a property is disguising, women are to be loved, respected, protected and not to be rough handled or beat up at any slight provocation.

“The culture that encourages male ego and downgrade women’s value should be eradicated; the fact that the Bible says women are help mates does not and should not make them lesser than humans.

“Culturally and even biblically, man is the head of the woman, but however, some cultural practice that reduced women to mere properties or punching bags should be expunged to reduce the high rate of domestic violence,” Destiny said.

For Mrs Blessing Okoh, illiteracy contributes to the high rate of domestic violence in the country; in a situation where couples were not at the same level of education, there would be high possibility of violence.

Okoh noted that being educated was not just going to school but allowing school to go through you, then you would know that everybody have fundamental right.

“The right of a person should not be deprived, when ones right is denied, it will definitely result to violence.

“Education helps in the increase





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