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HAMI School: A New Dawn For The Less-priveleged



Hauwa Memorial International School, also known as HAMI School, is popular in its catchment area of Kaduna and its environs as a place of sanctuary for the orphans and less privileged. Located at Alqalawa Street, Tudun Wada in Kaduna South Local Government of Kaduna State, for the past five years, it has been providing free education for both orphans and the less privileged children from the community.

The founder of HAMI, and Chairman AMA Foundation, Alhaji Musa Bello Abdullahi established the school solely with the intention to provide free education for the orphans in memory of his late mother, Hajiya Hauwa’u Bello.

Since establishing the school, HAMI has graduated over 2,000 pupils and over 300 are currently enrolled into the primary section of the school.

In an exclusive discussion with LEADERSHIP, the head teacher of HAMI School, Hajiya Hauwa Salanke, confirmed that the school has recorded landmark achievements in its short history.

She said; “We are really happy with the kind gesture of the founder of the school, Alhaji Musa Bello Abdullahi. He is ever ready to give a helping hand in all aspects, which include providing books, uniforms, and food for the students.”

Hajiya Hauwa added that; “The aim of HAMI School is to provide a platform through which orphans could be able to access education. We have five years of service, during which period we have graduated over 2,000 both female and male orphans; while over 300 are presently enrolled into the school.”

In the course of the school’s existence, it has not received any funding not even from the government. As a foundation, we have been bearing all the financial burden including staff salaries.”

LEADERSHIP met some of the parents of the students. One of them, Malama Hasiya Rabiu, explained that; “we have nothing to pay back th Alhaji Musa for his kind gesture, only God Almighty will reward him for this service to humanity. He had taken over the responsibility of our deceased husbands. I have a girl child currently enrolled into HAMI School; we have been struggling to enrol her into primary school for the past three years but to no avail.”

Malama Hasiya further stressed that; “I pray that other philanthropists will learn from the exemplary milestone set by Alhaji Musa. He is doing the good job as a service to humanity which would definitely be rewarded by the Almighty Allah on earth and in the hereafter.”

On his part, another beneficiary, Malam Umar Zakariyya said that; “We are grateful to Alhaji Musa Bello Abdullahi for his kind gesture to the less privileged and orphans. He has been working tirelessly to ensure that our children have access to free education, not in expectation of any reward by people rather a reward from the Almighty God. We are always praying for the soul of Hajiya Hauwa’u rest in peace.”

Malama Khadija Ibrahim Muhammad, a former teacher in HAMI School told LEADERSHIP that the she was part of the first set of teachers when the school was established. She recalled the modest beginning of the school and added that, “It is pertinent that we applaud this philanthropic work set up by Alhaji Musa Bello. The society is in dire need of such services to humanity.

In his brief comments, an English teacher of the school, Malam Kabir Bello, mentioned that he is not Hausa by tribe, but is really happy and enjoying the good job put in place by Alhaji Musa. “We are very meticulous in our selection proces, which is among the strategies that make the school to be one of the best primary schools in the community. All these successes are attributed to the Chairman of the foundation, he is behind the progress.”

A student of the school, Tahir Aminu who is eight years old is currently in Primary two. He told our reporter that; “I am always in a happy mood while studying, the atmosphere is conducive, we are enrolled to study free without paying a penny.”

Residents that were neighbours to the school also expressed their happiness towards the Good Samaritan work by Alhaji Musa. A resident of Tudun wada, Malam Abubakar Musa expressed their happiness in having people like Alhaji Musa Bello around them.

Malam Abubakar Musa further argued that, there are many wealthy people in the community, but none of them ever thought of establishing such a foundation, which would be providing free education for the sons and daughters of the deceased and less privileged. He also stated that Alhaji Musa Bello is always at the service of helping people in the area sometimes even going from house to house to assist individual families.