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Physically Challenged Man Rapes 4 Teens In Kebbi



Residents of Badariya area of Birini-Kebbi metropolis in Kebbi State were perplexed when they discovered a 30- year-old physically challenged man has been sexually abusing four under-aged girls in the area.

The cripple was said to be harbouring them in his small room, which was rented to him by a community member.

The shocked residents were said to have quickly     alerted the office of Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) who arrested the physically challenged man.

The Chairman of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria, Alhaji Lawal Augie, while displaying the suspect, told journalist that the man was apprehended by the residents of the area while having canal knowledge of the four under-aged girls.

He said: “On the night of Wednesday, we got a distress call from the district head of Badariya area, that a physically challenged person, Abdul- Azeez Jega, was caught having canal knowledge of the four under-aged girls who are hawkers in the area.”

He said further that the man was reportedly chased away from Jega Local Government Area for similar behaviour consequent upon which he relocated to Birnin-Kebbi.

The vigilante chief in the state said the case was transferred to the state Hisbah committee for necessary action because it has to do with violation of culture.

Confirming the incident, one of the victims, (name withheld), who is 13-years old, said the suspect started raping her in 2017. “My first contact with him was in 2017, while I was hawking locally baked cake in Badariya area close to his house. As soon as he heard my voice, he called me to come enquiring what I was selling, when I came he held my and I just felt dizzy and I slumped; he picked me up to his bedroom where he raped me,” she confessed.

She said she reported the matter to her parents, and her father promised he would take the man to court. “Since then I have not had any contact with the man again until yesterday,” she said. “When I saw him, he lured me again to his room using similar tactics and raped me again before he was caught.”

The second victim who is 11 years old (name withheld) also narrated how the physically challenged man forcefully descended on her but he started by luring her with gifts.

“Each time he sees me, he will call me and ask me what I am selling. He will then invite me to come. He will give me things and later pushed me into his room, close the door and rape me.”

When asked how many times he had sexually assaulted her, she replied it was three times.

Confessing to the crime the accused person, Jega, said it was the devil that pushed him into such despicable acts with minors.

“I am from Jega Local Government Area and a trader by occupation; I have one wife and three children, two girls and a boy. This is the first time I have been into this act and it is the devil that pushed me into it,” he confessed.

Although after making the confession, he admitted he only had sex with them on few occasions. It is not true that my   relationship with them lasted up to a year, “sincerely I met them not quite long and I only give them money if I buy their food, I cannot say anything more than this,” he said.

The ward head of Badariya area where the culprit was arrested, Muhammad Abdullahi (Marafan Badariya) expressed utter disappointment over the incident. He said he only came to know the culprit few days ago and did not hesitate to order for his arrest after the residents alerted him. “I hope his arrest will serve as deterrent to others,” he said. “Our leader, the emir of Gwandu often warn and advise us to be on the look out for people who perpetrate such sinister act against the society and hand them over to the authorities.”

Latest Leadership findings revealed that the physically challenged man was handed over to Hisbah committee, which arraigned him before a court.




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