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Top 5 Jewellery Choice for the Vogue Man



Gone are the days when jewellery was solely a woman’s thing! Men too now rock jewellery; from watches to rings, neck chains, studs, wrist-bands, cufflinks, tie clasps, mangles. Men are no longer scared to pile on those fashion jewelleries. Although some still stick to their belief that its solely for women. Every fashion forward man should invest in fashion jewellery!

Watches: The watch has gone beyond being simply a practical device that keeps time. Watches have become a centrepiece for men’s accessories. Whichever style you choose, designer or sporty, the face of the watch should reflect your personality.

Mangles: Mangles are man bracelets! Bracelets have increasingly become popular in men’s fashion accessories. The gold chain style is no longer the standard. There are now various styles to choose from.

Rings: Simplicity is important in wearing a ring fashionably. Select a key piece to display on a married finger or middle finger, whether it is a thick band or one with a cool stone set into it.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are a simple accessory that can make a bold statement. Cufflinks vary in style and can be designed with fabric, semi-precious stones, diamonds, silver, platinum or gold. There is a style and price for every taste and budget!

Studs: Diamond studs still remain a popular option. Studs in silver, stainless steel and titanium remain widely popular as well. Hoops should be small and snug the earlobes to avoid looking like a pirate.

Whatever fashion jewellery you choose to invest in, keep it simple and stylish!