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Ambassador Dauda Should Have Been NIA DG – Junaid



A social critic, Dr Junaid Muhammad has said that Mr. Mohammed Dauda from Plateau State would have been the one to have been appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari as the Director General of NIA.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Junaid said Dauda was the most senior director, who should have been appointed.

“He is from Plateau State. He was the one that acted. He is fit and qualified to take the seat as the substantive head of NIA and you now brought another person,” Junaid said.

Mohammed said if President Buhari wanted a northerner to occupy the office, it wont have been wrong if he picked the man who is the most senior director and from Plateau State.

“The most senior director after Ayodele Oke was asked to leave was from Plateau State. He was allowed to act and they had nothing against him, other than that there is some mago mago in the NIA concerning money found in a flat in the DGS office vault.”

“It is only in Nigeria you have somebody keeping $43 million in some kind of flat in Lagos and then about $44 million in his office. He must be crazy or there must have been some high handed moves by the cabal to steal the money and then the man came out to say he was not confirmed, because he was not prepared to cooperate with the cabal to steal the money.”

“As I’m speaking, there are 28 directors from the Southwest in the NIA. And this is just within the two terms of Oladimeji and Oke. How do you justify having 28 directors mainly from Oyo State, when there are states that don’t have a single director in NIA? They should know that some of us know so much about the agency,” Junaid added.




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