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How Mr P Songs Silenced Naysayers



Peter Okoye popularly called Mr P was a member of the now rested band Psquare. Due to irreconcilable issues, the duo (Peter and Paul) broke up to pursue their personal careers in music. ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM writes on how Mr P has silenced his critics

When the band Psquare was formed by two brother (twins to be precise) Peter and Paul Okoye, everyone thought it would be the best thing in the Nigerian music industry. Living to that expectations, they didn’t disappoint as their names and songs were everywhere within and outside the Nigeria.

The duo were ever together doing the music business without complain and all went well.
Flashback to 2013 when the brothers came to Abuja to perform in a show, LEADERSHIP Entertainment Editor had a chat with them and their countenances didn’t show they would ever separate even when asked if such thing might occur in the future. Little did he know that the energetic singers and dancer would have the worst divorce in the history of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

When they got married, that was when the problem started, from one family problem to business( Peter- Paul and Engine). It was a sad moment in their lives and that of their fans. It was even in the news when the brothers had disagreement exchanging blows that went viral on the internet.

“I give him my respect as an older brother,” a hurt Peter Okoye said in an interview. “I don’t have a problem with that but when you disrespect me based on the job, then there’s a problem. One thing I will never do when I come back to this life again is mix family with business.” And it happened. He never mixed business with family.

After that incident, Peter decided to leave the band and go solo changing his name from Peter of Psquare to “Mr P”. Many thought his twin, Paul who has been viewed as the main vocalist would enjoy more fame and acceptance than Peter, supposedly known as the dancer of the group, but he proved them (me included) wrong as he has continued to churn out hits upon hits trending all over.

People who underrated his talent are now going back to commend him with lots of accolades.
Songs like “Look Into My Eyes, My Way,For My Head, Cool It Down,Da King ft. Mr. P ( P-Square ) – Arabanko, Selebobo ft. Mr. P (P-Square) – Tonyor, Papii J ft. Selebobo & Mr. P (P-Square) – 4GetUrLevel,Mr P – See Something ft. Terry G and Others are enjoying massive airplay.

Aside that he could dance, (which is an added advantage), his new songs “Look Into My Eyes” has shown that people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

Peter burst in another monster single which he titles “Look Into My Eyes”, Mr. P is the third solo single Mr. P drops sequel to “For My Head.”

Besides “Look Into My Eyes” Mr. P also released “Cool It Down” which has been buzzing ever since it was released. The visuals to his single that was leaked sometime in 2016 would keep naysayers mute as he has proven that he is here to stay.