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PMB’s Comments On Youth, Way Out For Younger Generation – Zaura



As against most comments by Nigerians on the utterance of President Muhammadu Buhari on , which has got many Nigerians, most of them youths, literally asking for his head, the Kano State Gubernatorial Aspirant on the platform of Green Party of Nigeria (GPN), Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkareem Zaura, PMB’s comments is rather positive to the youth.

However he said the comments by the president is costly to the Nigerian youth, because it came at a very wrong time. Adding that youths should be seen as catalysts to all societal reformations and the president should at least paraphrase his statements most especially in foreign lands.

Zaura insist that youth are supposed to be agents of societal transformation and regeneration, most especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Stressing that
Although Nigerian youth face tremendous challenges ranges from poverty, unemployment and segregation in the political economy. According to him Buhari’s comments, though seen challenging, but arguably came at the right time. He said it is a wakeup call to all youths in the country to be challenged and engage in the polity, rather than being used as stooges, hooliganism, political thugs and so on and so forth.

“From my own critical point of view, President Buhari, as the father of all in this country has successfully challenges the youth to take the responsibilities of becoming leaders of tomorrow. We should note that a father can have the privilege of challenging his children to be better in the society,” he said.

Zaura pointed out that his party GPN has come on board to make good out of the youth, and proffer right solutions for their youthfulness. Although, most people felt the pain and the cry out there is for every able bodied Nigerian youth to try and walk their talk by reminiscent of being hopeful. However, according to him Buhari’s comments were unfairly been denigrated because the president may not have referred to all Nigerian youth as lazy, and in Nigeria today the most vulnerable part of the society is the neglected youth in the communities.

“With all seriousness, the senior generation of leaders in Nigeria are responsible of the youth degradedness because in their time, they did nothing to the youth, and without minding the consequences that may possibly occur as a result of the desertion. And that is why I see PMB as a father who wants to see his children prosper for the future of the country.”

Mr. Zaura gave a clear perspective of his mandates in Kano that his main vision is to liberate the youth, who mostly are hopeless in life. “Before I venture into politics, I took much considerable time to study youth’s affairs, not only in Kano, but in the country at large, and I found out that they are the only segment of the society that is being at the receiving end.

If you go to the prisons, remind homes, streets, drug cells, you find out that the victims are almost 99 per cent. This is quite worrisome, and that the main reason why we should all come together and take up the challenge by the president and prove to the world that this is our chance to lead the nation,” he said.