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When Toastmasters Division “E” Blazed Another Trail



Winners of the speech evaluation competition with Toastmasters executives

The Division “E” of the Toastmasters International Club, which is the Abuja branch of the world class non-governmental organization, has never failed to excellently represent the global club in Nigeria. Having set off on a very excellent pedestal, the club has progressed steadily in its quest to spread its gospel to all nooks and crannies of the most populous black country in the world. The Toastmasters gospel is hinged on leadership development, capacity building and perfection of the art of public speaking.

It was based on the above named parameters, that the Toastmasters Division E hosted its members and guests to a 2 day conference at the Petroleum Trust Development Fund (PTDF) Towers in Abuja. The conference which held on the 13th and 14th of April, 2018, was tagged “Leadership In Motion: Walking The Talk,” and it saw people from all walks of life, thronging to the venue of the conference to participate in the epoch-making event.

The conference was graced by a crop of renowned, world class and very resourceful speakers and discussants among whom are Mr. David Young, former Deputy Chief of Mission at the United States Embassy in Abuja; Mrs. Dayo Benjamins Laniyi, celebrity compere and Managing Director of Doxa Digital; Mrs. Eugenia Abu, veteran newscaster, writer and media trainer and consultant; Prof. Chidi Onyia, lead strategy advisor for the Federal Government of Nigeria and World Bank Group Power Sector Recovery Programme; Pastor Goodheart Obi Ekwueme, Director of Horn of Revival Ministry; and Dr. Jummai Umar Ajijola, Executive Chair and CEO of the Business People Limited, and former Corporate Social Responsibility Lead for Microsoft Corporation, West Africa.

The speakers were an assemblage of very seasoned intellectual and result-oriented gurus who being masters in their respective fields, took their audience through a rollercoaster ride of both theoretical and experimental philosophy that got them expressing their utmost delight. Despite the length of the event, the audience were not willing to leave their seats even when it was time for tea break and lunch. The event was indeed a classic.

As usual, different Toastmasters were at hand to dazzle the audience with exquisite performances ranging from the Table Topics Session, to the various speeches and their evaluations. At the top of the speech competition, Omei Bongos Iwue, daughter of legendary soul musician, Bongos Ikwue, stole the show and emerged winner of the 2018 Speech Contest with her eclectic and electrifying speech.

The Division Director, Mrs. Sonye Allanah, did not leave out the crux of the matter in her heart-warming and animated welcome speech. “The world seeks credible leaders whose word is their bond. Empty promises and talk without action are no longer acceptable. It is expected that all leaders in every facet of life, whether they be heads of their households, Heads of States, politicians, clergy or CEOs possess the ability to express themselves with clarity and authority,” Allanah said. The immediate past Division Director, Distinguished Toastmaster Titi Ojo, also gave a remarkable speech that got her a standing ovation.

The whole event came to grand finale with a dinner party held at the Export House, at Maitama – Abuja. The attendees were treated to a lavish cocktail of assorted delicacies. A singing competition featured prominently at the dinner, and winners of the raffle draw went home with fabulous prizes. Toastmasters and guests were treated to a long night of dancing as the dinner party came to glamorous close.