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Maximise Your Small Space in 10 Easy Ways



We all wish for a bigger space that can accommodate as many of our belongings as possible, but we do not always get what we want, and we will have to get the best out of the little we have.  Before starting out, you need to eliminate as much clutter as possible, do not hold on to irrelevant items you may probably not use in six months.

Here are tricks to getting the best out of your little space:

Use fewer furniture

When it comes to making the best out your small space, you need to put to mind that much is less. Let the furnishing be fewer but bigger, although it might sound contrary, the idea is to give your space a magnificent and imposing appearance. The truth is that small furnishings can actually make your small space look smaller, while larger pieces make your space look considerably grand.

Hang framed pieces above eye level

Hang your art works, portraits, pictures, wall paintings and other framed pieces on the wall and above eye level. This creates a kind of deceptive appearance, by actually making your ceiling look taller.

Use multipurpose furniture

This is probably the best way to maximize your small space while not letting go of every important piece of furniture that is essential to make your home comfortable. For instance, a mirror and board is an interesting piece that combines two functions, it serves both as an ironing board and a standing mirror once you tilt it and lock it in place.

Paint it white

If you want to make your home look and feel bigger, then use white painting. What white painting does is actually to brighten up your surroundings and freshen up the worn-out surfaces. You also do not have to bother about the colour of your furniture and accessories as it makes every piece stand out, no matter the colour.

Mount cabinets on the wall

The space between the top of your furniture and your ceiling can be utilized by hanging or mounting wall cabinets.  You can store books, kitchen, tools, towels and other items in the cabinets. If it is your work area, it also makes it look clean and more organized.

Use colours to separate each space or room

A lighter colour can make a room feel airy and spacious. You can also be more daring with your colour choices by embracing a monochromatic colour scheme. This is perhaps one of the best ways to revamp your small room and make it look orderly. To achieve this, use shades of the same colour all through the room.

Embrace vertical arrangement

One of the advantages of hanging your framed pieces above eye level is that it gives the illusion of a taller room as stated earlier. This also applies to having a vertical arrangement, as it makes your room look grander than it is. Although, the vertical arrangement may not guaranty you dragging in more seats to your space, but it is a nice way to arrange your books, magazines and a few accessories.

Utilize the back of your door

Having a small space requires maximizing every space in the house. You need to pay attention to those places that look unimportant. One of such is the back of your door, it can serve as a safe place to hang your bags, scarves, belts, shopping bags and even a few shoes if there is a wide space between the door and the wall.

Utilize wall hangers

Wall organisers, hangers and rails are essentials for both your home and office space. A wall hanger for instance will not only help arrange your clothes and towels but also save space, give you an easy access to the items and also serve as decorative piece.

Properly plan and think through your ideas

There should be conception and drafting of each and every idea before execution. This will make you know what items you need to do away with, as well as those you need to acquire. There must be strategic planning, you must think of how to optimize every shelves and every space.

Arrange and Rearrange

The truth is that no matter how much and how well we plan, we can’t get it all sorted and perfect until it is executed. Most times, at the time of execution, when we see the outcome, we may feel the need to move some things or add some.

From time to time, we may feel the need to replace some items and make changes in certain areas, revamping your space is a great idea.



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