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Anxiety As South African Politician’s Son Threatens Nigerian Resident



A section of the Nigerian community in South Africa is currently
agitated and plans to stage a massive protest in that country and
Nigeria over alleged physical abuse and threat to life of a 25-year
old Nigerian resident in that country by the son of a powerful female
politician who is said to have overwhelming influence on South African

According to a report by a local tabloid in South Africa ‘Sunday World
Newspaper’ published 20th May, 2018, the victim, Williams Okpara
junior is the son of Williams Okpara, a football legend and
Nigeria/Orlando Pirates goalkeeper who achieved great exploits for
South Africa in the round leather game.

LEADERSHIP gathered that the matter is raising tempers in the Sandton
District as tension is said to have mounted fuelling speculations that
anything can happen any moment, especially in view of the many number
of Nigerians that have been brutally murdered in South Africa in the
past few years, some over minor disagreements.

It was gathered that Williams Okpara junior was in April allegedly
assaulted and physically abused by one Mzamo Tony Nkosi and his
ex-girlfriend, Philisiwe Pride Nkomo on grounds that the Nigerian
verbally insulted their relative. Instead of fighting back, Williams
Okpara was reported to have gone and opened a case of common assault
and intimidation against Mzamo Tony Nkosi and Philisiwe Pride Nkomo.

In the affidavit attached to his statement, Okpara Junior stated that
he was manhandled and punched several times while he was walking with
his lawyer and mother Stella outside the Wynberg Magistrate Court in
the District.

The affidavit also stated that his lawyer and mother tried to stop the
two from further assaulting him but they continued and chased him down
the passage of the court building up to the parking lot outside.

But the most worrisome aspect of the entire case is the threat to life
of Williams Junior as contained in the affidavit which among others
things said that “While all these things were happening I was keeping
quite,” adding that his mother tried to drive the two assailants away
but that Mzamo ran up to her car’s window and shouted, saying, “Do you
think it is over? I know where you are staying.”


The newspaper stated that anytime such statements are made by hoodlums or thugs, it often
ends in bad news, and therefore the reason why the matter is not seen
lightly by both the Williams family and the Nigerian community in the
District who are demanding justice by putting Mzamo to trial as well
as assurances that nothing unwholesome should happen to the family.

On April, 27, 2018, following the case reported by the young Nigerian,
Police was sent to arrest the two but Mzamo’s mother Sizakele Nkosi
Malobane who is a Member of the Executive Council (MEC) of the
Johannesburg (Gauteng) Community Safety (Vigilante) allegedly used her
influence and position to block the Police from arresting the boy.


She also went to the Police station where she allegedly insulted the
female Police officer handling the case, Sergeant Lydia Marlapeng,
attached to Alexandra police station and threatened to physically beat
her up if she attempts again to arrest or invite her son to the Police
accusing the Officer of taking bribe from Williams Okpara, the
Nigerian football legend and father of the alleged assaulted Nigerian.

The newspaper report which said that Nkoli was known as ‘political
Police boss in the province added that she allegedly called the Police
Officer Sergeant Lydia Marlapeng, incompetent.

The report stated that Police spokesman Justice Malatji confirmed that
Okpara opened a case of common assault and intimidation at the station
against Mzamo and his woman and that while the woman Nkomo appeared in
court, the boy has refused to appear in court.

The Police spokesperson was quoted also to have said that the incident
involving the female police sergeant and the powerful woman was
internal matter which Police cannot confirm or deny.

“The investigating officers have refused to comment on the matter,”
the police spokesperson was reported to have added. The report also
said that a police officer also attached to the station confirmed that
the Police woman has allegedly lodged a complaint against Sizakele
Nkosi Malobane.

“The matter has been forwarded to the province by the station
commander,” the source was quoted to have said.

According to the newspaper report, the same officer who didn’t want to
be mentioned revealed that the investigating officer was shaken when
she arrived at the station following the way she was rough handled by
the powerful Sizakele Nkosi Malobane.

The report also said that the boy, Mzamo out-rightly refused to speak
to the media on the matter but demanded that questions be sent to him
through SMS which he eventually refused to respond to.