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Airport Business Summit To Review Challenges, Policies In Aviation Sector



Nigeria aviation sector is to hold its 4th annual Airport Business Summit and Expo for Africa (ABSE) from July 4-6, 2018, at Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua Centre , Central Area Abuja.

This year’s summit is expected to provide a veritable platform for reviewing airport development policies, programmes and projects

With the theme “Repositioning the Airport Business to Sustain Air Transport growth”, the 3-day conference and exhibition is aimed at promoting total air transport development from the airport perspective.

In an official statement issued by the summit director, Mr Fortune Idu of FCI International consult, he stated that the summit, steams from the understanding that a sound airport development, concept, plan and programme are vital for a viable, sustainable and safe total air transport system which also has direct positive impact for fast tracking economy development.

The Airport Business Summit and Expo is held annually to further share thoughts and information on current challenges in the airport sub-sector of the aviation industry.  The deliberation at the summit is centred on helping operators, investors and the airport business community to find a common ground to prosper. The summit provides a veritable platform for reviewing airport development policies, programmes and projects.

The summit is multi-sector in nature with about 200 delegates expected from all industries with direct and indirect dealing with the airports; airlines, retails, security, safety, technologist, media, taxi companies, hotels, tourist places etc.

Alongside the main open summit, ABSE 2018 will also host an Agro Logistics seminar to unveil the opportunities available for using air Transport to facilitate both local and international agro based export covering perishable good and processed agro products.

This seminar will feature presentation from the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, Nacho, SALCHOL, Ethiopian Airlines, Arik Air Nigeria Export Promoting Council, NEPZA,  NAFADAC and Standard Organization of Nigeria to  cover subjects such as processes, procedures, packages, containerization, standards, market  and  technologies available for enhancing agro export at the airport and possible further development opportunities.





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